Dre Diary: U.S. wins world basketball championships

Posted: September 13, 2010

The Sixers' Andre Iguodala is keeping an exclusive diary for the Daily News at the World Championships with Team USA, which won its first world championship since 1994 yesterday, beating Turkey, 81-64. Andre Iguodala had four points, five rebounds, three assists.

Final entry (as told to Bob Cooney)

What a great feeling and what a fun experience that was. We won because we worked so hard in practice and put so much of ourselves into winning the gold medal, and it all paid off.

The whole experience was just unbelievable. They treated us like kings ever since we started getting together for this. And after we won, it was just an extension of that. They were so hospitable to us, had our family and friends for a party with great food and all after the game. I just can't even describe how well we were treated during the whole time we were practicing and playing, trying to win the gold medal.

This whole experience was like getting drafted again. At the time, getting drafted was the summit of our careers, and for most of us this is another high. A lot of us have won championships before at certain levels, and that was great. But this one, to win it for our country, is incredible. And the best part about it is that we did it right. We worked so hard in becoming the best team we could be in order to get this championship.

It's going to be a hectic 24 hours from here. We will land around noon or so (today) in New York, then we are going to a Jay-Z concert at Yankee Stadium and we'll celebrate the gold medal some more. I'll get to Philly for a little while after that to get some things set up to get all my stuff delivered there for training camp.

As far as getting ready for training camp, I'll probably start that in a couple of days. I get bored easily and don't want to stay out of the gym for very long. I worked out very hard to make the USA team and I might need a day or 2 off just to rest, but it won't be long after that, probably Wednesday. I need to get myself ready for the NBA game after playing international rules for so long.

Playing with Kevin Durant was just what I expected. I always saw him as the player he was during these games. He has a genuine love for the game and his offense carried us to the title. He can score so easily all over the court and he's a lot of fun to watch.

I wouldn't change a thing about how I played or how the team played. We did exactly what we came here to do and we did it with a lot of hard work. In a couple of days, the hard work will start all over again for the regular season.

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