Delaware County dentist accused of assaulting repo men

Posted: September 22, 2010

His job may be to fix teeth, but one Delaware County dentist has been accused of trying to bust some.

Already under federal indictment for allegedly filing false tax returns, Richard Kaufman, 60, who has a dentistry practice in Newtown Square, now faces assault charges in Glen Mills after police said he and a buddy beat two men who tried to repossess Kaufman's car last week.

Police said two men from Stealth Recovery Repossession Co. arrived at Kaufman's house on Ivy Lane in Glen Mills about 11 p.m. Thursday to repossess his 2006 Jeep Commander, but their knocks at his doors went unanswered.

As the repo men were leaving the house, a man, identified by police as Michael Norley, blocked their vehicle in and approached them with a metal bar in one hand, according to court documents.

Norley, 56, of West Chester, allegedly struck one of the men on his head, face and leg with the metal bar, sending him to the ground, and then allegedly hit the other on his head, neck and arm when he tried to stop him.

That's when Kaufman came out of his house with a baseball bat, hit one of the repo men in his chest and head, and held him up against his car to stop him from helping his co-worker, police said.

When cops arrived, they found the two repo men with "fresh blood" on their faces and numerous injuries to their heads, necks and arms, according to court documents.

Kaufman and Norley were charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and harassment. Their relationship wasn't immediately clear from court documents.

Police said the metal bar Norley allegedly used to beat the men was found in his car covered with blood. Norley was also found to be driving while his license was suspended, according to court documents.

Kaufman was indicted by the U.S. Attorney's Office last month for allegedly not filing a legitimate tax return since the early 1990s.

Messages left by the Daily News at his home and business yesterday were not returned, and a number listed for Norley was not in service.

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