Broad Street Billy: Fans get creative nicknaming Phillies of 2010

Brendan and Kevin O'Malley created this computer image of Phils manager Charlie Manuel wearing a Red Reign T-shirt.
Brendan and Kevin O'Malley created this computer image of Phils manager Charlie Manuel wearing a Red Reign T-shirt.
Posted: September 30, 2010

BROAD STREET Billy was swamped yesterday by a flood of your great nicknames for our 2010 Phillies and your personal stories/photos of Fightin's Fever!

I'll run them daily until the championship parade, so please keep sending them to:

RED REIGN: Lifelong die-hard Brendan O'Malley, a salesman from Erdenheim, Montgomery County, and his brother Kevin, a children's book author/illustrator who lives in Baltimore but still bleeds pinstriped plasma, have nicknamed the 2010 Phillies "Red Reign."

The brothers designed very cool "Red Reign" tees in blue and (natch) red that they sell on eBay - and, through computer magic, created a photo of Charlie Manuel "modeling" one while driving a bat through the heart of the soon-to-be-KO'd Yankees.

JOLLY CHOLLY: Dan Sandler, of Abington, a die-hard for 30 years who suggests "Jolly Cholly & the Battlin' Boys," writes:

"In the late '90s, I dated a girl who was a Braves fan. Early in the relationship, the topic of Phillies/Braves came up.

"She was under the delusion that the Braves won the '93 National League Championship Series. At first, it was playful banter. Then, it got tense. Then, she smugly mentioned all those Braves' pennants. I broke up with her that night. No regrets."

Way to go, Die-hard Dan! So, just between us, was she cute?

DUELING DIE-HARDS: Thomas Gallen, of Springfield, Delaware County, drove to work yesterday running Phillies' nicknames past his wife, Jane, before sending them to B-Street Billy.

Gallen, who once went 2-for-4 against former Phils hurler Chris Short in the Delco League, suggested: Broad Street Bombers, The Bank Bombers and Manuel's Machine.

But Jane Gallen e-mailed Billy: "I listened to my husband talk about nicknames on our 40-minute drive to work. I think mine are much better: Charlie's Annihilators, The Philly Crush, The Red Crush."

Billy anxiously awaits word on how this morning's drive went.

MANUEL'S MAULERS: Jeff Ferro, of Blackwood, N.J., likes: Red Storm, Charlie's Heroes, Chuck's Redmen, Pinstripe Powerhouse, Manuel's Maulers, Manuel's Red Punch and Charlie's Red October.

CHALIE'S BOYS: Jayme Rivel, of Voorhees, N.J., wrote: "My brother Casey came up with this: How about simply, 'Charlie's Boys,' using the old South Philly way of saying it: 'Cha-lie's Boys.' It just rolled right out of his mouth as soon as they clinched the division, like it was meant to be."

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