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Pervez Musharraf , the former Pakistan president, at the launching of his new party.
Pervez Musharraf , the former Pakistan president, at the launching of his new party.
Posted: October 02, 2010

Indonesian train crash kills 43

JAKARTA, Indonesia - A train crash in central Indonesia killed at least 43 people and injured dozens Saturday, many of them critically, officials and witnesses said. Some bodies were still trapped in the mangled wreckage.

The accident occurred near Petarukan, on the northern coast of Central Java province, about 3 a.m. local time as many passengers were sleeping, witnesses told TVOne. A train from the capital, Jakarta, slammed into a train sitting idle at the station, causing severe damage to both.

Meanwhile, another passenger train crashed in the town of Solo about 4 a.m., said Transportation Ministry spokesman Bambang Ervan, adding that information was still being collected about casualties. An official at a public hospital who identified himself only as Peter said that one person had died in that crash.

- AP

Musharraf starts a new campaign

LONDON - Pakistan's ex-military ruler Pervez Musharraf apologized Friday for mistakes made during his last term in office as he launched a bid to return to power.

Musharraf told cheering supporters that some of his decisions had negative repercussions for Pakistan. But the leader who stepped down and moved to London in 2008 amid protests and under the threat of impeachment stopped short of specifying what the mistakes had been.

The 67-year-old former leader spoke as he launched a new political party, arguing that the current leadership offered no hope of alleviating the "darkness that prevails in Pakistan." - AP

U.N.: Rwandans did massacres

NAIROBI, Kenya - The United Nations on Friday officially released a much disputed report on massacres in Congo that has drawn the ire of several countries, especially Rwanda, whose forces were accused of possibly committing genocide.

The 566-page report paints a harrowing picture of the conflict in Congo from 1993 to 2003, with foreign armies from a half-dozen African countries slaughtering countless civilians across a vast stretch of territory, often in the quest for minerals.

Earlier versions had so outraged Rwanda that it threatened to withdraw thousands of its peacekeepers from Sudan, where it plays a major role in the troubled Darfur region. But the final report is not fundamentally different. - N.Y. Times News Service


Chile will rescue the 33 miners trapped in an underground copper mine by the end of October, two months earlier than previously expected, Mining Minister Laurence Golborne said Friday in comments broadcast by Chilean TV. The miners, trapped since Aug. 5, will be lifted to the surface in rescue capsules from tunnels 2,300 feet underground, he said.

Twenty-nine women have alleged that a doctor sexually assaulted them while they were under anesthetic, mostly between 2006 and last February at a hospital in Toronto, and police warned that there could be more victims.

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