For tickets, it really is Red October

Posted: October 06, 2010

Phillies fans are psyched to be a part of yet another rendition of Red October, but when it comes to hunting for tickets, it's Reds fans who have them beat.

Just slightly.

Ticket prices in Philadelphia for today's Game 1 at Citizens Bank Park held an average of $202 as of late yesterday, according to online ticket website StubHub. Prices ranged from $69 for seats in the Terrace Deck (400s) and as much as $900 for select seats in the Diamond Club, StubHub said.

Roughly 2,700 tickets were available for sale on StubHub as of last night for Game 1. About 2,000 tickets were available for Friday's Game 2.

However, Cincinnati fans, feeling the frenzy of the Reds' first postseason appearance since 1995, are willing to shell out just a bit more for Game 3 at Great American Ball Park. Average price for Sunday night's ticket: $270.

To put it in perspective, when the Phillies visited Cincinnati during the regular season in late June, tickets averaged $35, making the current average a 600 percent increase.

"I think it's a great parallel to the fever generated by Phillies fans in 2007-08," said Christian Anderson, a spokesman for FanSnap, a search engine that analyzes trends in the online ticket market. "Fans in Cincy are excited for their team and want to be a part of the moment. That's not to say Phillies fans are getting spoiled, but right now Reds fans are holding down the edge in excitement."

The Phillies-Reds series holds the highest overall ticket price average among the four division series at $231, followed by the Yankees-Twins ($187.20), Braves-Giants ($168), and Rays-Rangers ($114).

"If you don't care where you sit, then waiting around is the way to go," Anderson said. "But in some cases, especially hot ticket items, prices continue to go up."

The NLDS holds a $49 edge over the ALDS in combined average of ticket prices by series, with the NL average price at $199.50 and AL prices holding steady at $150.50.

"That one is surprising, but perhaps Yankees fans are a bit spoiled thinking they'll catch their team in the later rounds," Anderson joked.

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