Disgraced? You're just the right distraction

From left: Spitzer, Rangel & McGreevey: Tarnished resumes.
From left: Spitzer, Rangel & McGreevey: Tarnished resumes.
Posted: October 12, 2010

THE media world is abuzz, the Internet a-tweet: CNN host Rick Sanchez is out, disgraced ex-New York "Love Gov" Eliot Spitzer is in.

Meanwhile, our city is in crisis - getting a job in Philadelphia is still about as difficult as landing a World Series ticket (state attorney general who investigated Craigslist, what hast thou wrought?), city workers are still without a contract, midterm elections are nearly upon us and the city poverty rate just hit 25 percent.

Spitzer isn't the first pol to rise from the ashes of a scandal-ridden career and emerge as a well-compensated talking head (Karl Rove, anyone?). He also won't be the last if networks are able to generate all this free publicity using such an obvious ploy. So steel yourself against what might be the next big announcement from the guardians of our nation's media consciousness. . .

* Sick and tired of shrill political hacks spitting talking points at each other? Tune in to NBC's new Sunday-morning roundtable for a breath of fresh air.

Each week, we'll invite moderate politicians from both sides of the aisle to dialogue in the spirit of bipartisanship to find realistic solutions to the biggest problems we face as a nation.

"Wide Stance," with Larry Craig as your moderator.

* Think the Jon Stewart shtick is getting a bit stale? Looking for a youthful, social-media-friendly take on today's headlines that grabs today's budding young conservatives? Be sure to catch Fox's new entry in the late-night market, "Checking Out the Front Page with Mark Foley."

* Looking for a little local flavor with your morning coffee, New Jersey?

Wake up with "McGreevey & Friends," ABC's early morning local news talk show that brings you the latest trends from Trenton. (Note: Dina Matos is on leave indefinitely.)

* Forget Brian Williams: This October, Fox News presents "When the Levy Breaks: The Real Story of Hurricane Katrina." Insiders claim that the unflinchingly honest "Levy" miniseries is sure to cement Fox's reputation as a bastion of investigative journalism. (A Gary Condit production.)

* CNN is proud to introduce two new segments in its fall lineup that bring you the breaking news you need from the rest of the Americas. "Latin American Affairs: The Mark Sanford Report" and "Charlie Rangel's Tropic Topics" bring you the latest on our neighbors to the south.

* In today's tough economy, every penny counts. CNBC's "Mat Money" will show you how to use financial savvy to bridge the gap between money and your wallet. Look no further than dynamic host John Matheussen of the Delaware River Port Authority for creative accounting ideas, networking advice and more.

* A twist on a classic, "Cops NYC: Walking the Beat" is Fox's latest take on its hit reality series "Cops." "Walking the Beat" documents the everyday dangers of fighting white-collar crime on the cruel streets of New York City. Bernard Kerik hosts.

* Feeling, like, totally disenfranchised? This November, MTV presents a GOTV special geared at generating excitement about the upcoming elections among America's alienated youth. Witty, real and fast-paced. Don't be surprised if you find yourself hooked on the electoral process after watching "Marion Barry Rocks the Vote 2010."

* WHYY continues to deliver excellence in radio journalism. Don't miss "Going Greene," combining irreverent humor and hands-on environmentally friendly home renovation advice that every Philadelphia homeowner can use. Tune to discover the identity of our mystery host.

That is, unless we're ready to talk about something important.


Gwen Snyder is executive director of Philadelphia Jobs with Justice (phillyjwj.org), a local nonprofit that advocates for working people's rights at work and in their communities.

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