Phillies fans rally around new merchandise

Posted: October 15, 2010

As the Phillies continue their playoff run, there is one looming question: What new apparel will fans be wearing as they cheer on the Fightin' Phils?

According to Phillies director of merchandising, Scott Brandreth, fans will have three options when buying postseason gear. The first is a T-shirt featuring the "Fightin' Phils" logo modeled from the rally towels. This design also will be on hooded sweatshirts.

"We give out about 50,000 towels a game, so that graphic gets recognized," Brandreth said.

The second option is a general design that says "2010 playoffs" along with the Phillies logo. Brandreth said that all of the designs are selling very well since they became available within the last week, especially the "Fightin' Phils" graphic.

The third option has the "H2O" logo, which features the Phillies' top three pitchers in their starting rotation. The "H" has Halladay written under it and a picture of Roy above it. The "2" has Hamels written under it and a picture of Cole above it. Finally, the "O" has Oswalt written under it and a picture of Roy above it.

After Roy Halladay's no-hitter in Game 1 of the NLDS against the Reds, the Phillies quickly produced a commemorative T-shirt, pennants and commemorative program covers from the game.

Major League Baseball also has Phillies merchandise available.

"There are also some authentic items from the league that we sell," Brandreth said.

As for deciding exactly what to put on sale for postseason merchandise, it is more of a team effort within Brandreth's department.

"We just get together as a merchandise team and decide what is going to sell," Brandreth said.

Oswalt and Hamels will have a tough act to follow as Halladay threw the second postseason no-hitter in history during Game 1 against the Cincinnati Reds in the NLDS. Halladay threw only 104 pitches with eight strikeouts in his first career postseason start. This was also his second no-hitter of the season.

So, as Phillies fans watch their team play postseason baseball for the fourth consecutive season, they know they will not be alone in their support for another playoff run. Throughout the city and region, Phillies apparel seemingly is being worn by everyone. *

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