Broad Street Billy: We sure like the sound of 'Red Reign' for Phillies

Roy Halladay is saddled up for tonight's Game 1 with Giants, thanks to computer magic by the O'Malley brothers.
Roy Halladay is saddled up for tonight's Game 1 with Giants, thanks to computer magic by the O'Malley brothers.
Posted: October 16, 2010

Big Roy Halladay vs. Tiny Tim Lincecum! Howling, hold-onto-your-Bud winds strafing the Rooftop Deck above Ashburn Alley!

Frigid temps turning The Bank into Fairbanks! Cryogenic baseball! Everybody looks so well-preserved during a Red October game here because - they are! Badda-boom!

So keep channeling your Inner Phillie by sending your Fightins stories and photos to:

RED REIGN! Brendan O'Malley of Erdenheim, Montgomery County, and his brother, Kevin, won B-Street Billy's nickname-our-2010-Phillies contest by thinking up "Red Reign."

When the brothers aren't selling their "Red Reign" T-shirts on eBay, they're bombarding Billy with a barrage of "Red Reign" images, including Doc Halladay on horseback, riding into South Philly tonight for his showdown with Tim "The Freak" Lincecum.

"My grandfather and father raised me with [Phils' announcers] Harry and Richie in the background, and I spent many a summer night listening to the game on the screened porch," O'Malley told Billy.

"I lived through the lean years," he said. "I remember the misery that was Lance Parrish and all the Steve Jeltzes of the world.

"But through it all, this was always my squad - our squad. And now, unbelievably, this is finally our time! Red Reign!"

MAYORAL WAGERING: You know it's Red October when the uberprudent Mayor Nutter throws all caution to the wind and starts placing sports bets, this time with Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco.

The two riverboat gamblers agreed that the losing city's mayor will wear the winning team's hat and spend Veterans Day doing volunteer service with a veterans group.

Nutter said that regardless of who wins, he will volunteer with Impact Services, which helps veterans struggling with homelessness and mental illness.

"I will proudly wear my Phillies hat," he deadpanned, "while Mayor Newsom also wears one in San Francisco."

FLAT SCREEN HEAVEN: Jeff Labuda, of Deptford Township, told Billy, "My old tube TV finally gave up, so I splurged and got a new 42-inch flat screen. Go, Phils!" Nice timing, dude!

Labuda worked in Center City in 2008, so "the World Series parade started at our doorstep," he said. "Our company is moving to King of Prussia in the spring, so a 2010 World Series parade would be the ultimate send-off!"

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