Broad Street Billy: Fans erupt as Phils keep the hope alive

No, not a scene from a vampire movie - it's the Phanatic canoodling with Mount Airy's blood-giving Amy Ignatow.
No, not a scene from a vampire movie - it's the Phanatic canoodling with Mount Airy's blood-giving Amy Ignatow.
Posted: October 22, 2010

WITH a mixture of hope and fear, Broad Street Billy walked into Chickie's and Pete's on Packer Avenue near the sports complex, took a deep breath of the beer-marinated air, and felt that the joint was electric with high hopes.

And when Brad Lidge got the final strikeout of the Phils' 4-2 win over the Giants in Game 5 of the NLCS last night, the jam-packed bar exploded into a red sea of dancing, screaming, heartfelt joy.

"I've got no more voice," said Joe Weber of Merion Station, "but I just want to say, players with heart never give up. Anyone who questioned the heart of this team never played ball.

"They're coming home to Philly, Baby! They'll win Game 6. And then it's Game 7, Baby! Woo-hoo!"

SUPERSTITIOUS: In the third inning, Chris McCafferty of West Chester, and his girlfriend, Taryn Owens, of Ridley Park, stood face to face at a small high table, looking over each other's shoulders, at TVs on opposite walls.

"We were both watching the same TV in the first inning when the Giants scored, but I can't do that anymore," Owens said.

"She gets it from her mother, who is very superstitious," McCafferty said.

"When Utley's up, my mom says, 'Chase Chase get on base,' over and over," Owens said.

"My dad is the reason we lost the World Series in '93," she said. "He got up from his chair and [Toronto Blue Jay] Joe Carter hit the home run. My mom was so livid, she wouldn't talk to my dad for a week."

McCafferty said, "I was in North Carolina on business yesterday. I drove nine hours to be here because we were here at this exact table when the Phillies won the World Series in 2008. So we had to be here tonight."

Not to be outdone on the superstition front, the couple's good friend Carolyn Muldoon of Glenolden said, "For good luck tonight I'm wearing the jeans I wore in 2008. But I don't have the Phillies flip-flops I wore all season long in the heat and the rain and the freezing cold.

"I was running down Broad Street after we won the World Series and they fell apart. So, I'm running down Broad Street barefoot, holding my Phillies flip-flops."

The three friends are right-field regulars at the Bank. "We are the Werth Pack," McCafferty said. "Jayson knows us. He's given us an autograph jersey and at least 20 baseballs. He's a blue-collar guy. He's the man."

When Werth made an incredible throw to nail Cody Ross at third base in the fourth inning and then hit the victory-icing homer, the Werth pack was in heaven.

BLEEDS PHILLIES RED: Amy Ignatow of Mount Airy literally bled Phillies red at the Fightins blood drive last summer while under Phanatic Attack. Ignatow was in mid-donation when the Phanatic lurched over. He "kissed me repeatedly" and "pretty much mauled me with love" until the medical technicians told him to cool it, Ignatow reports.

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