Tattle: Nuptially, Russell & Katy become a Brand-new couple

Russell Brand and his bride, Katy Perry.
Russell Brand and his bride, Katy Perry.
Posted: October 25, 2010


Katy Perry actually went through with it. The hirsute British rascal and the busty U.S. pop star deemed too dangerous for "Sesame Street," were married Saturday at the luxury Aman-e-Khas resort and tiger reserve in northwestern India, an anonymous hotel official said.

Although we don't believe that either Russell or Katy is Hindu, a Hindu priest conducted the ceremony, which was attended by family and close friends. Security was strict. Because a London magazine had exclusive rights to the affair, photographers and reporters from other outlets were not allowed on the property.

The wedding venue was lit with lamps, colorful lights illuminated the trees and flower garlands festooned the luxury tents at the resort, the hotel official said. Both Russell and Katy wore traditional Indian clothes to the wedding, said the official, who wasn't authorized to reveal any details of the event. Katy donned a sari, as did a number of other female guests. On Friday, at a pre-nuptial celebration, Perry stayed with Indian custom and had henna designs applied on her palms and hands.

Russell had proposed to Katy in the Indian city of Jaipur over New Year's Eve, and the couple decided to get married in India.

Tattle stork

* It's another girl for Matt

Damon and his wife, Luciana.

Damon's spokeswoman, Jennifer Allen, says Luciana gave birth to Stella Zavala Damon on Wednesday in the Big Apple.

She is the couple's third daughter. She joins Gia, born in 2008, and Isabella, born in 2006. Luciana also has a daughter, Alexa, from a previous marriage.

Matt met Luciana in 2003 while she was working as a bartender in Florida and he was filming "Stuck on You." They married in December 2005.

* St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Fla., stated that 42-year-old Celine Dion delivered twin boys Saturday afternoon. The boys were a month early. One weighed in at 5 pounds, 10 ounces, while the other tipped the scales at 5 pounds, 4 ounces. No names have been announced.

Dion and her husband-manager, Rene Angelil, have another son, 9-year-old Rene Charles.


* In his new memoir "Life,"

Keith Richards says the Rolling Stones almost imploded because Mick Jagger thought he was "bigger than the Stones."

Richards told the BBC yesterday that during the 1980s, Jagger took control of the band and would not relinquish it. He said Jagger's behavior "started at first to annoy me and then slowly enraged me."

Fortunately, they riffed and made up.

Richards, 66, also said heroin and other drugs had helped him cope with fame. He said that "fame is probably a bigger killer than drugs in my game."

As fame is unlikely to actually kill someone, we're guessing the drugs are worse.

* Yoko Ono has unveiled a

commemorative plaque on the London home where she and John Lennon took the "Two Virgins" album photo.

Guess a notch on the bedpost wasn't big enough.

The blue English Heritage plaque adorns a Georgian rowhouse at 34 Montagu Square, where the couple lived in 1968.

Beatles drummer Ringo Starr bought the property in 1965, and he sublet it to Paul McCartney and later Jimi Hendrix before Lennon and Ono moved in.

* T.I. can't catch

a break.

A concert promoter who planned a "Welcome Back Party" to celebrate the rapper's release from jail is suing him for failing to show up.

Carl D. Davis filed the lawsuit in Alabama this week. He claims he paid agents more than $50,000 for T.I. to appear at the May concert, but T.I. was a no-show.

Davis says he suffered chest pains, nausea, emotional distress and hospitalization after T.I didn't show.

Good news, Carl: Next year, T.I. will be getting out of jail again, so save the "Welcome Home" banner.

* Mel Gibson is out of "TheHangover 2" and Liam Neeson is in. So reports the Hollywood Reporter.

If Neeson is set to portray the same tattoo artist Mel was, we still think you need to be prepared for inked - perhaps pierced - genitals.

* Whenex-MGM owner/billionaire Kirk Kerkorian married Lisa Bonder in 1999, he was 82 and she was 34.

The marriage lasted a whopping 28 days.

Recently TMZ.com reports, the couple settled an issue over child support - it seems Lisa wants more for "their" 12-year-old daughter even though her divorce settlement equaled the GNP of a small nation.

After obtaining a copy of their new agreeement, TMZ says Kirk, 93, agreed to double the current monthly support, so he's now paying Lisa $100,000 per month plus an additional $10,250,000 in retroactive child support, dating from 2002.

The most amazing part of the story is that movie producer/real-estate heir Steve Bing is likely the girl's father, and not Kirk.

Say want you want about the necessity (or lack thereof) of preserving the Bush tax cuts, but Tattle would have no problem if Kirk, his ex and "his" daughter had to fork over an additional 4 percent to Uncle Sam.

* According to other court

documents read by TMZ.com, priority-challenged Lindsay Lohan believes that an extended stay in rehab will kill her career.

Taking it as a questionable given that she still has a career, doesn't she realize that too brief a stay in rehab could kill her?

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.

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