Thompson plays like a 'beast' for Archbishop Wood

Posted: October 25, 2010

The big kid raised his hands and the football stuck to them, and soon the PA announcer was telling the spectators, "Catch by Colin Thompson."

Along the sideline, one of Monsignor Bonner's ballboys noted, "Colin Thompson? More like Giant Beast."

Though still a junior, Thompson, a tight end/defensive end at Archbishop Wood, stands 6-6 and weighs 240 pounds and the college attention, boy, is it a-comin'.

Boston College, Rutgers and Pitt have already made scholarship offers while schools such as Stanford, Notre Dame, LSU, North Carolina and Penn State are also expressing sincere interest.

What all will come to find out, if they don't know it already, is that inside Colin Thompson beats the heart of a little guy. OK, a medium guy. Though he appreciates being large, he prefers to be known as an athlete who just happens to have it, not to be defined by it.

Saturday, Thompson blocked like a madman and made a 17-yard catch in a scoring drive as the Vikings vanquished Bonner, 31-0, in a Catholic AAA game at Upper Darby High. Among his contributions on the defensive side were a sack, two stops for no gain and an interception.

Who knows what will happen, so to speak, down the line? But for now, most colleges are targeting Thompson for tight end. He thanks them very much.

"I wouldn't be playing tight end if I couldn't run, if I couldn't catch, if I couldn't keep my focus and know the playbook inside-out," he said. "That's why I'm here. It's not just because I'm big."

Thompson, who lives in Lahaska, first made his football bones for a team, the Romans, that represents Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Doylestown. Yes, he was also large for his age back then, but he remains eternally grateful that the squad included two other big-'uns.

"I used to get my butt smacked around in practice a little," he said. "That was the best thing that ever happened to me. Some of the big kids on the other CYO teams, they didn't have that."

Thompson's first brush with recruiting went as well as possible. At last winter's Coaches' All-Catholic Banquet, one of the visitors was BC assistant Ryan Day.

"I later sent him a note, thanking him for coming to the banquet and saying it was nice to meet him," he said. "I got an invite to BC's camp a couple months later and they were the first school to offer me.

"To go through the recruiting process is always something you hope for. But when it does come, with football and studies and everything else, it's a lot. I just take the positive out of it, and remember that it doesn't happen for too many people.

"As a junior, I have to initiate any of the phone contact. Even if I call a coach and miss him, I have to call him back; he can't call me. I talk to the various coaches every week or 2, and after the season I'll see where things stand and start to narrow things down."

Wood's four-man defensive front also features end Brian Butler and tackles Frank Taylor and Rory Clark. The offensive line includes center Brandon Arcidiacono, guards Nick Arcidiacono and Chris Knott and tackles Mike Moffa and Taylor. The "Archies" are the brothers of former St. Joseph's Prep star Mark Arcidiacono, now at Penn State.

In the game, the Peoples cousins, Desmon and Brandon, combined to rush for 201 yards and three touchdowns.

At the next level, Thompson hopes to remain a tight end.

"I've always had good hands, and I've worked on my speed," he said. "No matter what, there's always someone out there bigger and faster, so I'll be working on my speed again this offseason. My goal is to dominate."

Like an athletic giant beast.

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