Cleveland DJ helps cast a spell on LeBron

Posted: October 27, 2010

ACLEVELAND RADIO host, who goes by the name of Rover, hired a witch doctor to put a hex on the Heat's LeBron James yesterday morning.

According to WMMS-FM, which broadcasts "Rover's Morning Glory" show, the witch doctor used bones, blood and a James jersey to put a curse on the NBA star, who left Cleveland to sign a free-agent deal with the Heat in the offseason.

According to the station's website, "LeBron James didn't just leave the Cavaliers, he did it in a way designed to humiliate Cleveland, a city cursed with horrible sports franchises. Now as he prepares to start a new season with the Miami Heat, he'll have to deal with a curse of his own. . . . With a little voodoo and a pinch of evil, perhaps we'll be able to permanently dethrone the "king."

We don't know how much the station paid the witch doctor to cast his spell, but we probably could have gotten Christine O'Donnnell to do it cheaper.

Date that will live in Rangers' infamy

Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson remembers exactly when he knew his team was going to the World Series: July 9, 2010.

That was the day the Rangers acquired ace lefthander Cliff Lee in a trade with the Mariners.

"I grabbed my cell and sent a message to my friends. 'We are going to the World Series,' Wilson told USA Today.

Paul now available for Red Wings games

Paul the Octopus, who correctly predicted the results of this year's World Cup, has died.

Sushi, anyone?

Fans miss out on jammin' good time

We hate traffic jams, but we wouldn't have minded the massive tie-up that could have occurred in South Philly tonight. The Sixers, of course, are hosting the Heat, which features LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. And had the Phillies advanced to the World Series, they'd be hosting the Rangers in Game 1 across the parking lot.

It would've taken Bob Kelly a couple of days to get everyone home from that major jammo.

- Tom Mahon

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