Gibson cashes in

Posted: November 15, 2010

DODGERS OUTFIELDER Kirk Gibson was paid $1.8 million in 1988, the year he hobbled around the bases after hitting a game-winning, pinch-hit home run off Oakland's Dennis Eckersley in Game 1 of the World Series.

More than 22 years later, Gibson, now the manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks, continues to profit from that historic moment.

On Saturday, he collected nearly $1.2 million by auctioning memorabilia from that Series.

The bat he used to belt the home run brought in $575,912.40. He got $303,277.20 for the home jersey he wore; $153,388.80 for his batting helmet; $110,293.20 for his National League Most Valuable Player Award; $45,578.40 for his World Series trophy, and $9,664.80 for his World Series road uniform.

Gibson said proceeds from the trophy and MVP award will benefit the Kirk Gibson Foundation.

"I was never really a collector," Gibson told SCP Auctions at the time of of his decision to sell the items. "As I looked at it and I started thinking about where I am in my life, I don't want to have to worry about making sure these items are secure somewhere. I just felt like maybe it's time to let the people who do like to collect things and display them buy them and then take some of the proceeds and fund my foundation. "

Last night, SCP revealed that Chad Dreier and his son, Doug, from Santa Barbara, Calif., bought all of the items except the road jersey.

"We are thrilled to keep this amazing collection of baseball history in Southern California," Chad Dreier said.

No one ever said Nash had good timing

On Friday, Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash announced he and wife Alejandra had a baby boy.

On Saturday, he announced they are getting divorced.

Guess he doesn't like to change diapers, huh?

Actually, he told Life & Style Magazine that he and his wife - who also have 6-year-old twin girls - have lived separately for months, but that he's "focused on ensuring that our children understand how much they're adored and loved."

- Tom Mahon

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