Gonzo: Vick for MVP: The drumbeat gets louder

No doubt about it. If Eagles QB Michael Vick continues his stallar performace, he should win the league MVP hands down.
No doubt about it. If Eagles QB Michael Vick continues his stallar performace, he should win the league MVP hands down.
Posted: November 17, 2010

Here is an excerpt from Tuesday's Ask Gonzo chat on Philly.com with columnist John Gonzalez:

Comment from BirdsPhan: What are your thoughts on [Michael] Vick's MVP chances and the Eagles' chances of making the Super Bowl?

Gonzo: At this point, Vick has to be the leader among MVP candidates. What he's done as the starter this year has been silly. That touchdown pass to Jason Avant was one of his best, and it showed how much better he is as a quarterback now than he used to be with Atlanta. With the Falcons, he might have taken off when the pressure increased. But he stayed patient, went through his progressions and found Avant with a beautiful pass in the back of the end zone. If this continues, he should win the award easily.

As for the Super Bowl, I think you toss eight or 10 teams in a hat and pull one out and that's your winner. Lots of parity in the league this year.

Comment from Ron Mexico: Is Jon Gruden high when he's in MNF booth? Where did "Starship Seven" come from?

Gonzo: Starship 7 is dreadful. Worst nickname since George W. Bush called Karl Rove "turd blossom."

Comment from Fletcher Smith: Am I the greatest agent or what? You've got to love my sense of timing, too. That Snyder dude thinks he's sooooo smart. Gotta go - ship's coming in.

Gonzo: Yeah, there are reports out now that ESPN.com initially botched the report about the deal's guaranteed money. But whether McNabb got $40 or $40 mil, it's impressive - especially after the way he played on Monday night.

Comment from loudfast: How about later in the game when [Gruden] announced, "From now on, I'm going to call him Michael Flick, because he can really flick those passes!"

Gonzo: Chuckie needs to get back into coaching. He's one more Eagles game away from men in white coats hauling him off to the sanatorium.

Comment from Brett: Great news about [Roy] Halladay [winning the Cy Young]. What would you do about [No.5] - continue with [Kyle] Kendrick or go with free agency?

Gonzo: Yeah, Halladay was incredible all season.

Not overly worried about the No. 5 slot. Kendrick was hit or miss last season and they still won an MLB-best 97 games during the regular season. Addressing the bullpen has to be the top priority, followed by a righthanded bat.

Comment from OneManWolfpack: Now that Werth is "gone," should Vick just play right field?

Gonzo: I'm sort of surprised Vick didn't win the Cy Young.

Comment from Fishman: What kinda of money is Vick looking to get in a long term deal?

Gonzo: That's the big question right now. Vick is the only person happier than McNabb about Five's new contract. If McNabb is worth a new deal when he's tied for 4th in the league in interceptions and tied for 23d in touchdowns, Vick is certainly going to get paid.

Comment from Ernie: How would you rank Andy Reid all time as far as getting the most from QB's (McNabb, Feely, Vick, even Garcia)?

Gonzo: [Grumble] Listen [cough], we'll just have to see how it goes here. Enjoy the win, man.

Comment from Kevin Kolb: So I was promised the starting job when they traded McNabb. So what do I do now?

Gonzo: You wait to get traded. It's been real, Hog Hunter.

Comment from Ernie: Did you hear that the Simpsons' 500th episode is written and ready to be made next season?

Gonzo: I love the Simpsons, but only the pre-2002 episodes. Haven't watched any "new" shows in 8 years. The writing just hasn't been the same. I might tune in for the 500th episode, though. Is Homer still yellow, fat and lazy?

That last line made me sound like the Mike Shanahan of this chat.

Comment from Billy: How was the 4 Loko experience this past [weekend]?

Gonzo: Not bad. We sampled various flavors. Orange and lemonade were pretty good. Fruit Punch and Grape weren't bad. As someone else said, not even the homeless would drink Blue Raspberry. One can leave us feeling pretty good. More than one might be a bad idea, but moderation is (semi) important whenever you're drinking.

This has been a Page 2 public-service announcement.

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