High & Inside: Fans grin and Bear it

Posted: November 29, 2010

THE DAILY NEWS EAGLES Fan Panel weighs in on the Eagles' loss to the Bears.

Our linebackers really came up weak. Our front four got excellent pressure without the help of a blitz. The linebackers did not pick up the slack. Bradley missed tackles on Forte's 61-yard and 28-yard runs. We can't rely on Samuel bailing us out with a pick every game. And don't get me started on the time management. Again.

- Robert Pino, South Philly

So now we know that the Washington game was the "Week of the Blue Snow." Now we know that Michael Vick is probably a better quarterback than at any time in his past. Now we know that the Eagles are a team that is being rebuilt and are not a legit contender - this year. Given these circumstances, let's hope that they continue to grow during the rest of the season, put the franchise tag on Vick, and then move Vick and get some good draft picks to keep up the progress on the team.

- Tom Ficara, Henderson, Nev.

After a highly entertaining first half, the second half (which you could say actually began with Vick's interception that led to a Bears' TD) was just plain tough to watch. As many missed chances as there were missed tackles, missed calls and missed blocks. There was sloppy play on both sides, but without Asante Samuel, Jay Cutler pitched his Mitch Williams best. Ironically, it was no-pick Vick who suffered the interception. And it mattered. No time to wallow however. There's a game to play on Thursday.

- Mike Breggar, Cherry Hill, N.J.

Evidently the Eagles just came up against a team that was better prepared and performed better. The Birds made a valiant effort toward the end but just came up short. They will have to buckle down to be prepared for the short week ahead for the game against Houston.

- Barry Mortzfield, Downingtown

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