Pennsylvania breeder who sold Biden a puppy loses license

Posted: January 12, 2011

HARRISBURG - The state has pulled the plug on the Chester County dog breeder who sold Vice President Biden a puppy.

The Agriculture Department revoked the license held by Linda Brown, who operates Jolindy's Shepherds in Spring City, for repeated violations of kennel laws.

In a Nov. 19 order, the agency listed dozens of violations, including filthy kennels, contaminated food and water, and dogs crammed in cages with fewer than six inches of headroom. The agency made the order public this week at The Inquirer's request.

Dog wardens reported seeing dead and dying rats on the property several times. "We have repeated poor kennel conditions there," said Jessie Smith, special deputy secretary of the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement.

Brown's lawyer, Jeff Conrad, has appealed, calling the charges "unfounded and bogus." He said Brown was not given a chance to remedy the problems cited. State officials say they have extensive photo documentation to show Brown ignored their orders.

A hearing on the revocation is set for May 24. Until then, Brown can sell her remaining dogs, but may not breed or acquire new ones. She had 70 when her kennel was last inspected. If the revocation is finalized, she may keep no more than 25.

In an interview Monday, Brown said her troubles with the state began after she sold a German shepherd puppy in 2008 to Biden, then vice president-elect. "Ever since . . . it's been a living hell," she said. "I'm leaving Pennsylvania as soon as possible. I'm done fighting."

A spokeswoman for Biden's office declined comment.

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