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Keira Knightley : No longer Rupert Friend's sweetie. (See "Love's labors lost: Cupid weeps.")
Keira Knightley : No longer Rupert Friend's sweetie. (See "Love's labors lost: Cupid weeps.")
Posted: January 14, 2011

Camille Grammer, 42, added more fuel to her already public divorce battle Thursday, suggesting that estranged hub Kelsey Grammer, 55, enjoys wearing frilly underthings.

Asked by Sirius XM's schlock jock Howard Stern if it's true the La Cage Aux Folles star takes his, um, costumes home, Camille said, "I'm not saying it . . . I'm not saying it."

Pressed by Stern enforcer Robin Quivers, she added, "I'm not discussing this now. . . . I'm gonna be smacked with a lawsuit."

In a less raunchy chat also Thursday on CBS's The Early Show, Camille said Kelsey had been so callous, he broke up their 13-year marriage by phone. "It's like high school," she said. "He said, 'I've been thinking about it, and I don't want to be married anymore.' "

Kelsey recently announced he's engaged to 29-year-old British flight attendant Kayte Walsh. His divorce could cost him upward of $50 mil.

Love's labors lost: Cupid weeps

Rupert Friend, 29, who exuded such a deadly blend of Germanic-Victorian repression and seething lust opposite Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria, has withdrawn his heart from Keira Knightley's keeping after five years. (And, one imagines, also returned her frilly-pink-ribbon-enveloped lock of hair.)

Brit tabloid The Sun quotes Keira's dad, Will Knightley, as saying, "Yes, they have broken up. . . . The only option is to get on with things."

Holly Madison, a former member of octogenarian Hugh Hefner's Botox-and-silicone-rich harem, says Hef's new fiancee, Crystal Harris, is with Hef under false pretenses. Madison claims it's not love that draws Crystal, 24, to the 84-year-old Hugh, but fame. (Who woulda thunk it?!)

Isn't Holly simply bitter that at 32, she's far too old for the juvenile Hugh? "I'm not jealous that he'd marry someone else," she tells Life & Style. "I just don't want it to be a girl who's using him to start her career."

Jake Gyllenhaal has dumped an unsuspecting Taylor Swift like three minutes after they started dating, "multiple pals" in Swift's camp tell Us Weekly. The singer is "really upset and hurt," they say.

Love that bears fruit

Model-turned-thesp Devon Aoki, 28, who just wrapped filming Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead (now that's a movie title!), is expecting her first baby with fiance James Bailey, says the New York Post.

Piers Morgan, bright, obnoxious . . .

Piers Morgan, who on Monday takes over Larry King's spot on CNN, tells Parade he had unique qualifications for his former job as a judge on America's Got Talent. Piers says the show's exec producer, Simon "Darth" Cowell, told him that he, Simon, "was trying to find somebody as obnoxious as him."

Piers' other talents? He'd be a perfect Guns N' Roses frontman. "I can do a very good Axl Rose impression," he says, "stripped to the waist in a bandanna, after I've had a few Jack Daniel's."

The biz of showbiz

Carrie Fisher, who so feverishly flew from a princess with cinnamon-bun hair to the skirts of the abyss, wherefrom she transmitted Postcards From the Edge, has a new job as Jenny Craig's new celeb face - 'n' tummy.

"I would like to have the option of getting back into the metal bikini," Carrie tells, referring to Princess Leia's sexy-yet-disturbingly-virginal outfit. Fisher, 54, tells People she's gone from 105 pounds in her Star Wars heyday to a recent high of 180 pounds.

Awards season continues with the Jan. 20 opening of that most sacred of all annual pilgrimages, Robert Redford's Sundance filmfest, which will show 118 features from 29 countries.

David O. Russell, who's in line to win major blue ribbons for The Fighter, is in talks to direct Vince Vaughn in an adaptation of the Boom! Studios comic book Two Guns, says Variety. It's about an undercover DEA agent and a naval intelligence spook who suspect each other of ripping off the mob.

Justin Bieber's nanny can't be happy! The 16-year-old crooner will have to stay up way past his bedtime Sunday: He's been picked as a Golden Globes presenter. He'll join those other dreamy, eternal teens, Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron. The latter is either back with Vanessa Hudgens or making Rumer Willis' heart go a-thump-thump-thump, depending on the tabloid you're reading.

Eminem, who has bagged 10 Grammy Award nominations, has been tapped to perform at the Feb. 13 kudofest, says the Recording Academy. The lineup also includes Cee Lo Green, Miranda Lambert, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry.

Yahoo celeb site says nail polish maker Sephora by OPI is rolling out a new, Glee-inspired line, "Sephora by OPI goes Gleek Chic." Hues include Miss Bossy Pants (a bright raspberry), Mash-Up (a shimmery grayish green named after the song), and Celibacy Club (a glittery topcoat). Get my nail stylist!

Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz have been cast to do evil on Survivor: Redemption Island, CBS yesterday said (except for the evil part).

Captain America saves suicidal boy . . .

In an interesting twist, the new Captain America issue, I Am an Avenger #5, was penned not by a poet, but by a psychologist, Tim Ursiny. The story has the Cap'n save a suicidal boy from succumbing to Thanatos' seductive siren song. "We have a storied history in addressing topical issues such as suicide, drug abuse, and child abuse within our comics," exec editor Tom Brevoort tells USA Today.

The death of a Utah soap opera

Hyper-artsyweirdchick Chloë Sevigny (Kids) is in mourning over HBO's instructive take on matrimonial multiplicity, the Mormon soap Big Love, which will die after its fifth season.

"It was a hard blow to take," Chloë, 36, tells USA Today. She doesn't want to divorce her character, Nicki, who is one of Bill Paxton's three wives. (Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin round out the trinity.) "I don't want to shake her off," she says, "I want to keep her with me."

On the personal front, Chloë, whose former beaus include film freakout specialist Harmony Korine and rocker Matt McAuley, says she's in the market for an "alpha male."

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