Gonzo: Taking on the QBs

Kevin Kolb , according to some fans, must go because he needs to pursue his career potential.
Kevin Kolb , according to some fans, must go because he needs to pursue his career potential.
Posted: January 14, 2011

Excerpts from Thursday's Ask Gonzo chat on Philly.com with columnist John Gonzalez:

Comment from Josh B.: Are we seriously worried about wasting "the prime years" of a guy who's looked like a career backup in almost every start he's made?

Gonzo: I'm not, and I don't think the Eagles are, either. But if you're Kevin Kolb you have to get the hell out of here if you have any shot at becoming a starter. I watched The Count of Monte Cristo again today (the newer one with Jim Caviezel, not the '70s version). Kolb needs to tunnel out of Philly before he dies old and broken like the priest.

Comment from M2323: Have you seen that hot whip Ryan Howard drives? He lives in my town and was next to me at the gas pump a few weeks ago.

Gonzo: No. What's he driving? The only player I've ever run into at a gas station was Jason Smith, formerly of the Sixers. He drove a tinted-out, new Dodge Charger - which I thought was an odd choice for someone who makes a little money. Maybe he looked at the Caravan first.

Comment from Brett Favre: My sister is a wonderful cook.

Gonzo: I can't wait until she appears on The Onion SportsDome's Meth League update.

Comment from Brett: What are some of your favorite shows on TV? (BTW much more respect now I know you don't like Jersey Shore.)

Gonzo: Californication, Mad Men, [It's Always] Sunny [in Philadelphia], Archer, Dexter, Curb [Your Enthusiasm], The Office, and anything on Cinemax around midnight.

Comment from Stiner: Here is what I don't get about the Eagles' line of thinking: Doesn't a 2nd-rounder that you could get for Kolb tomorrow for the next 4 years hold more value than the possibility of Kolb starting 4-5 games in 2011? Why can't they go get a backup like Bruce Gradkowski or David Carr for a year? It is not like Kolb has lit up the world every time he comes in . . .

Gonzo: From their perspective, they probably don't think a second-rounder is good enough since they've invested so much time and money in developing Kolb after drafting him in the second round. I'd take the push and move on, but they think the guy can play, and they believe he's worth more than the pick they used on him.

Comment from EagleNDC: Everyone seems not to focus on one of the major issues in the loss: [Michael] Vick did not play all that well. A little patience and they win that game. It was first down, plenty of time. Underthrown ball to Riley [Cooper] was not the answer.

Gonzo: You're absolutely right: He made a mistake. No doubt about it. But he's clearly their best option at QB moving forward. The guy has incredible talent, but he has to make better decisions.

Comment from Chase Trillo: Does Chase Utley play his entire career in Philly and does he end up in the HOF one day? What are your thoughts on this?

Gonzo: Two years ago I would have said yes to both. Now? I'll go no on both. His numbers have dropped over the last few seasons, and the idea of him moving on isn't so unthinkable.

Comment from EagleNDC: Do you get to drink while you sit in your bathrobe and bunny slippers and crank out this chat with Dorito breath?

Gonzo: That's ridiculous . . . my breath smells like Cheez-Its.

Comment from AJ: Are you a Black Ops fan? I just got a PS3 and played the game for the first time about a week ago. I'm 31 and needless to say, I've played more video games in the past week than I did for the previous 15 yrs. combined.

Gonzo: I used to play a lot of video games, but I haven't seen my Xbox 360 in years. I think it's in the basement collecting dust. I just don't have the time. Cuts in to all my TV watching and midafternoon boozing.

Comment from M2323: It's a HOT Bentley Continental GT, all black. And that thing screamed power when he started it up. I was a little jealous, thought about asking for a ride (I'm a girl), then remembered he is a dad and all that nonsense . . . so I didn't.

Gonzo: That's just like the car I drive - only mine is an old, beaten-up Ford SUV. Otherwise, same ride.


Gonzo: You must be new here.

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