Gonzo: Wielding another kind of shovel

It's hard to miss Eagles coach Andy Reid when he's wearing his Hawaiian shirt. Or his black jumpsuit, for that matter.
It's hard to miss Eagles coach Andy Reid when he's wearing his Hawaiian shirt. Or his black jumpsuit, for that matter.
Posted: January 28, 2011

Here is an excerpt from Thursday's Ask Gonzo chat on Philly.com with columnist John Gonzalez:

Page 2 HQ is open for business. Just got done shoveling snow. Time to shovel something else.

Comment from Ted in Ridley: The Flyers are extremely popular. Why do you have zero knowledge of hockey?

Gonzo: That's ridiculous. Hockey is the sport that uses the wicker-basket thingy called a cesta.

Comment from ImAwesome: Do you think the new Daily News Live studio is horrible?

Gonzo: I kind of dig it. It reminds me of a Vegas lounge. I fully expect Michael Barkann to dress up like Dean Martin and sing "Volare." Needs more cocktail waitresses, though.

Comment from DanInHolmesburg: Why is everyone down on Ben Francisco? Ben Francisco is the next Jayson Werth.

Gonzo: I think you have cabin fever. Go outside and get some fresh air.

Comment from FixTheD: Gonzo, the big question, who do you like in the Pro Bowl?

Gonzo: The weather. And the arrest report.

Comment from Zulfi: Are you going to be in an entourage at the Wing Bowl? Also, is Wax in?

Gonzo: Wax is out. He lost almost 100 pounds. So, no, I won't be involved. The only way I'd do it again is if one of my buddies was eating. But since Wax isn't heavy any longer, it looks unlikely. End of an era. Sniffle.

Comment from Colin: Will Andy's Hawaiian shirt return this draft? I hope it does, but even more floral.

Gonzo: It's a tough look to pull off, but he manages. I also like the one-piece black jumpsuit with the utility belt. I hear he'll model it in Paris during Fashion Week.

Comment from thesituasian: If all Philly pro athletes lived in a college-like dorm, who would be big man on campus at this moment?

Gonzo: Interesting question. Has to be Roy Halladay, followed by Michael Vick, Cliff Lee, and DeSean Jackson. Oh, and all of the Flyers. Because hockey is fantastic, and it doesn't get enough attention from guys like that slob on Page 2.

Comment from Zach: What is the point of this chat exactly? To talk educated sports or to dabble around, wasting our time?

Gonzo: That's rhetorical, right?

Comment from St. Joes/Lasalle: How come no one is making a big deal about our game being canceled because of snow?

Gonzo: The cancellation part was a good idea. It's the rescheduling part I don't get. Both schools should just shut it down for the rest of the year.

Comment from Zulfi: Gonzo - Hannibal Smith or Faceman?

Gonzo: Murdock.

Comment from Steven: Is Domo around to answer some football questions?

Gonzo: Lemme check. I don't see him. That's probably for the best. It would be a little weird if he was in my house somewhere.

Comment from Lance: As an Eagles fan, I dislike both the Steelers and Packers. Does conventional wisdom say I should hate on the Steelers more for the Super Bowl?

Gonzo: I'm indifferent to the Packers. Can't stand the Steelers, mainly because I can't stand their fans. It's a cruel world when the people of Pittsburgh are treated to three Super Bowl trips in six seasons while Philadelphians are stuck with Andy Reid, Joe Banner, and the boys.

Comment from FillyLife: Do you and [CineSport's Noah] Coslov actually like each other? I see him on a bunch of other sites, but sometimes I can't figure out if you two really get along.

Gonzo: We get along very well. We build forts out of the couch cushions and tell ghost stories when we're done chatting.

Comment from matt: What are you smoking, Gonzo? The Sixers should easily be over .500. I would bet you a case of Four Lokos that they will end up being a 6 seed in the playoffs and maybe even win a series.

Gonzo: And I would submit to you that, even if they make the playoffs, it doesn't matter. This team is a long way from winning a title.

Comment from GreenBean: How does Dave Spadaro sleep at night?

Gonzo: Best guess? Curled up at the foot of Joe Banner's bed.

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