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New defensive coordinator Juan Castillo can't be just good; he has to be great for this strange move by Andy Reid to work.
New defensive coordinator Juan Castillo can't be just good; he has to be great for this strange move by Andy Reid to work.
Posted: February 04, 2011

Excerpts from Thursday's weekly Ask Gonzo chat on Philly.com with columnist John Gonzalez:

Comment from Zulfi: Juan Castillo just cost Andy Reid his job after next season. Guaranteed.

Gonzo: No one knows how good Castillo will or won't be in the new gig. We obviously have to wait to find out. But Castillo said he wanted to make his unit the best in football. Maybe the Eagles don't have to be the No. 1-ranked defense in the NFL to make this move a success, but they have to be pretty high up, don't they? If not, if they're just middle of the pack, Castillo and Reid will get crushed by the media and the fans.

For this to work, for people to give Reid and Castillo a break, Castillo can't just be good. He has to be excellent.

Comment from Brett S.: So I'm loving the Phillies but isn't it deja vu all over again since the bench and bullpen remain major concerns for another season?

Gonzo: Almost. Those things are true, but the difference here is that they'll have a full season with four excellent starters. Last year, they had Roy Halladay and a bunch of questions after that. Remember, Cole Hamels was coming off a bad season and no one was sure what to expect from him. This season, you have four guys you know you can trust.

Comment from John: Do you think ownership really cares about anything other than making money?

Gonzo: I think the front office and Jeffrey Lurie want to win a Super Bowl. I do. But when they don't, I think the disappointment is muted because the organization is so profitable. Money is an excellent pain killer.

Comment from Your 10, 9, 8, 76ers: Hello!? Another day another win. Does anybody care?!

Gonzo: Not really, no. Those wins don't mean much. They're hollow victories. As I've said before - during these chats and in my column - even if the Sixers reach the playoffs, does anyone truly believe they can advance and win a title? And if they can't, what does it matter if they win a few games in January and February?

Comment from Gonzos Beard: Why haven't you returned my calls? I thought we had something special.

Gonzo: I thought so, too. I miss you. Sometimes I think about you at night and then cry myself to sleep - which, come to think of it, isn't all that different from the nights I don't think about you.

Comment from Peter: The Eagles are a team ready to compete for the Super Bowl. When they let [Sean] McDermott go I thought they had a plan. I though they would hire someone out of the Bud Carson/Buddy Ryan/Jim Johnson mold. Experienced. This move would be OK if we were rebuilding. But I don't have any confidence this will be successful. I doubt the players feel good about this.

Gonzo: I don't know about competing for a Super Bowl, but I do know how some of the players feel. Jeff McLane and Jonathan Tamari did a great job tracking down some of the players after the move was announced.

My favorite was Mike McGlynn, who said: "Really? That's crazy."

Comment from Rob: The quote Andy Reid had about how someone took a chance on him and it worked out pretty well is sooooo arrogant. You haven't won anything yet!

Gonzo: Well, he's right about that to a certain extent. No one knew who Reid was when the Birds elevated him from GB QB coach. But just because he's enjoyed a certain amount of success doesn't mean he can suddenly pull off magic tricks and turn water into wine.

Comment from SF_Eagle: Was Merrill Reese considered for the job?

Gonzo: Not sure. Page 2 sources indicate Dave Spadaro was up next.

Comment from ?????: I heard Spadaro loves the choice. We should be good then right?

Gonzo: I haven't read what Spuds wrote on the topic, but I'll venture a guess: "An inspired move by an inspired organization. The Eagles are the Gold Standard because they're not afraid to take risks. . . . Can I have a treat now, Joe?"

Comment from da man: This chat has been pretty dull. LOOSEN UP!

Gonzo: I'm just following the lead of the people. Speaking of, does the tea party know that the DN went from being "the people paper" to "The People's Paper"? Sounds socialist to me. Someone tell Sarah Palin, stat.

Comment from councilcandidate: How does one enlist your skills to help run for City Council at-large?

Gonzo: I don't think you want my help. I ran my own campaign for U.S. Congress. It went so well that I'm doing chats on Philly.com in the middle of the afternoon.

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