Sixers Notes: Sixers' Holiday struggled against Knicks

Posted: February 07, 2011

76ers Notes

NEW YORK - The 76ers' back-to-back games against the New York Knicks were not particularly kind to point guard Jrue Holiday.

In Sunday afternoon's 117-103 loss to the Knicks, Holiday finished the game 1 for 8 from the floor with two points, four assists, and four turnovers. In Friday night's 100-98 victory over the Knicks, a game in which he did not play down the stretch, Holiday finished 2 for 8 from the floor with six points, three assists, and two turnovers.

The most alarming number of all came in the plus-minus column. A somewhat-flawed statistic that does not account for surrounding factors, the plus-minus aims to measure a player's impact on the game.

On Friday, Holiday's plus-minus was minus-12, which means that when Holiday was in the game the Sixers scored 12 fewer points than the Knicks. On Sunday, that number was minus-19.

Sixers coach Doug Collins said he isn't worried.

"I'm not going to be an alarmist and run up the flag and see what's wrong with him," Collins explained. "He's had two tough games, and we won one of them. We're 20-13 in our last 33 and he's our starting point guard and he's going to the sophomore game and he's 20 years old and he's grown by leaps and bounds."

Collins said he'll just keep putting his arm around Holiday, take him out, talk to him, and put him back in.

"It's a man's game, and you're going to have ups and downs. I'm not going to focus in on what's wrong because that just adds to a situation that doesn't even occur. It's easy, 'What's wrong?' Well, guys have some bad games; they're not always going to be good."

Usually even-keeled, Holiday exhibited some frustration during Sunday's loss, at one point chastising himself after being called for traveling at an important moment in the fourth quarter.

"He cares," Collins said. "That's good."

No Kapono

The Sixers deactivated forward Jason Kapono before Sunday's game. Kapono joined rookie Craig Brackins, who remains in the NBA's Development League, on the team's inactive list. Kapono warmed up before the game but was not on the bench during it.

- Kate Fagan

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