Sixers Notes: Williams: Yes, it was a dunk

Posted: February 17, 2011

76ers Notes

HOUSTON - Lou Williams' baseline dunk in the first half of the 76ers' loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday was chosen as a top play on ESPN's SportsCenter.

In replays of the move, it looked as if you could slide a parked car under Williams' sneaks. But by Wednesday, some folks on Twitter felt Williams' dunk wasn't really a dunk since he'd thrown the ball through the hoop from a few inches away.

No rim equals no dunk?

Before Wednesday night's game against the Houston Rockets, Williams endured a little Q&A about the move and what inspired it.

Question: Did you watch SportsCenter?

Answer: No. I got the report, though.

Q: What was the report?

A: I was [ranked] No. 4.

Q: Do you count it as a dunk?

A: Yeah, Dwight Howard won a dunk contest like that.

Q: Some people say if you don't touch the rim, it's not a dunk . . .

A: Then throw-ins are way cooler than dunks. You know how far you have to be from the rim to have a chance to throw the ball in? That's a lot more impressive than a regular dunk. Yeah, I'll take the throw-in.

Q: Is that your most impressive dunk?

A: Well, I would say so, but I don't even dunk no more. Last night, that was a frustration play. I was like 0 for 4, they were hacking, and we weren't getting calls. I was fed up, so I just attacked the rim.

Q: So you just decided to take off?

A: I wouldn't get used to seeing that; I'm grounding my flights again.

The all-star break

Wednesday's contest was the Sixers' final game before the all-star break. The Sixers will not practice again until Monday and will not play again until Wednesday.

"I think we can all enjoy a few days and get recharged, get back," coach Doug Collins said. "Our guys have fought hard to put ourselves in a good position."

Collins said he told the team, "Enjoy your time, get away, but try to keep your conditioning as good as possible."

Lowry update

Former Villanova guard Kyle Lowry entered the night averaging 11.6 points and 6.4 assists a game as the Rockets' starting point guard. Collins called Lowry "tough" and said he always gets his teammates into the right positions.

No Battie

Sixers center Tony Battie, who injured his wrist last week against the Orlando Magic, did not dress against Houston.

- Kate Fagan

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