Sideshow: Alycia Lane's '07 take: $780,000

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy tripped the light fantastic, or he did anyway, dumping them during their dance. (See "Seismic event strikes L.A.")
Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy tripped the light fantastic, or he did anyway, dumping them during their dance. (See "Seismic event strikes L.A.")
Posted: April 06, 2011

Quick - how much do you make?

We write "SideShow" for free. We don't make anything. OK, the occasional jalapeño banana radish fudge Tastykake or half-eaten pretzel. But - some people make lots.

Take Alycia Lane, former Philly news anchor now in L.A. She's embroiled in a civil lawsuit against (among others) former colleague and e-mail peruser Larry Mendte. Amid the hundreds of pages of her deposition is a factoid not often confirmed in the world of TV news: her salary. "How much money were you making in 2007?" asks Mendte lawyer Julia Morrow. "2007, I was making $780,000," Alycia answers. Heck, we'd do the job for half that!

And how much does Bristol Palin, 20, make doing for-profit social service? Well, when she was 18, Bris-Bris became teen ambassador for the Candie's Foundation (an offshot of Candie's apparel), which pays stars to raise awareness about teen pregnancy. She still works for them. Documents posted online by GuideStar show that in 2009 the daughter of author and markswoman Sarah Palin made more than $262,500 with Candie's. Almost as much as from Dancing With the Stars! Reports say stars are paid $125K to appear, plus $20K each week you hang on, up to $275K total. Bouncing Bris hung on almost all the way, you'll recall.

Seismic event strikes L.A.

Oof! Dancing With the Stars may as well have been titled Collapsing With the Stars Monday night, after Kirstie Alley's partner, heroic Maksim Chmerkovskiy, in mid-rhumba, suffered a thigh event, caving in under the intense gravitational pull exerted by Kirstie, and they plummeted to the stage. It's not her fault, so Maks says judges and voters should overlook the tumble. Being a magnanimous lot, they'll probably kill them for it. Kirstie isn't sore at Maks, at least not spiritually: She tweeted later, "I salute u... U r a gladiator .... A champion... I'm honored to be your partner."

Hilariously, reports Kirstie got a tattoo on her left inside wrist to commemorate the fall! It's the word Unbroken. Yes, but what about the stage?

Anchors aweigh

TMZ reports that, as globally expected, celebrated vet journo Scott Pelley will replace Katie Couric as CBS Evening News anchor. . . . TV Guide, citing our friend Anonymous Source, reports that Meredith Vieira, 57, will likely leave Today when her contract ends in September. The former View cohost is tired of getting up early, and her husband, Emmy-winning TV news producer Richard M. Cohen, has had health problems, according to TV Guide. An NBC insider tells the mag that the network is trying to keep her in the fold. If she goes, "SideShow" fave Ann Curry might then coanchor with Matt Lauer.

Angelina inks self some more

Papers fly, rewrite men tense, presses seize! See, Angelina Jolie has six lines tattooed on her left arm, a tat for each tot. But the planet was rocked when a seventh appeared. What? Why? What portents can these be? Turns out the seventh tat is for her longtime lovechump Brad Pitt, recording the longitude and latitude of his birthplace in Oklahoma.

Ke$ha i$ coming to Philly

Ke$ha may not use the letter s, but $he'$ no $tranger to hard work. Her "$leazy" tour sold out in minutes, so she decided to tack on a second summer leg. It'll start in Harrington, Del., on July 26 and go madly off in all directions from there. Philly? Yep: Aug. 17 at Festival Pier at Penn's Landing. Bands LMFAO and Spank Rock will join her at most North American shows. Tix available starting Friday at

Fox lists 'oldest virgins'

Speaking of rude questions, are you a virgin, like my mom? Me, too. Ask my kids. runs a pointless list of celebs who waited, some until holy matrimony. Among those listed are Tina Fey, Kevin Jonas, Brooke Shields, Kathie Lee Gifford, Lisa Kudrow, Céline Dion, and Matthew Morrison. But how did Fox find out?

Get married and get burgled

That's what Canadian crooner Michael Bublé might say. He married Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre in Argentina on March 31. The couple will honeymoon in Africa - and have a second wedding later in Vancouver. Meantime, pro burglars broke into Michael's Buenos Aires home, deactivated the alarms, covered the security cameras, and cleaned out the place.

Quantums of silliness

        Mötley Crüe front man Vince Neil is charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and disorderly conduct with a finger, his, for storming the Las Vegas Hilton last month and poking folks, including ex-gf Alicia Jacobs, journo John Katsilometes, and Patricia McCrone, who is Wayne Newton's sister-in-law. Isn't most of Vegas related to Wayne? And is Wayne related to Fig? . . . Lauren Conrad (The Hills) is a big-time author, yo! Her first teen novel, L.A. Candy, topped a New York Times best-seller list. Now, LC has scored a three-book deal with HarperCollins, says Us mag. Called The Fame Game, the trilogy is set in the reality TV universe, if any, and features L.A. Candy character Madison Parker, ambitious, ruthless, a TV star who wants more! More! Lauren denies it's based on The Hills, or that Morgan's based on Heidi "Busting Out All Over" Montag. A reality TV show based on a trilogy based on a reality TV show not based on a real reality-TV show. Nice.         

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