Unloved Iggy still 76ers' top guy

The 76ers' Elton Brand and Doug Collins received well-deserved endorsements from fans in a recent "Stay or Go?" poll.
The 76ers' Elton Brand and Doug Collins received well-deserved endorsements from fans in a recent "Stay or Go?" poll. (DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer)
Posted: May 05, 2011

Eddie Jordan must read Philly.com. Who else might vote to not bring Doug Collins back as 76ers coach? In this town, only Navy SEALs are more popular than Collins right now. Even Cliff Lee's wife has dropped below him in the current rankings. Yet as of late Wednesday afternoon, 28 respondents/knuckle heads/joke-sters to a "Sixers: Stay or go?" poll thought Collins should go. (This isn't an anti-Philly fans rant; 1,486 people voted him back. Iranian dictators generally have to work for 98 percent support.)

Of the Sixers top seven players, a majority of respondents wanted only Andre Iguodala gone. Makes sense to me. Let's get rid of the team's top perimeter defender, the guy who often handled the ball down the stretch in tight games. Collins figured out how to use him, Iguodala bought in, the team took off . . . and now, goodbye?

I'm more than fine with trading Iguodala for value, preferably a shooting version of himself. If this season turned him into a tradable commodity, fantastic. But despite obvious flaws, Iguodala remains the best basketball player in this city and will be next season. Just because he wants to go doesn't mean the Sixers should let him.

(Side point: Good to see 77 percent of the respondents want Elton Brand back. He deserves that kind of support. But why do you want Brand back and Iguodala gone? Is this team building for the future or not?)

Character issues

Baltimore Ravens lineman Michael Oher, now well known as the subject of the book and movie The Blind Side, tweeted this Tuesday about ESPN's Todd McShay: "tell me what are character issues because I don't know. . . you said I had them and you never met me?!" And also: "you need to meet ppl first and then judge them not go off what you hear!!"

In fact, Oher had some anger-induced incidents in college, but his point is correct. How can he defend himself and explain where those issues came from when they get whittled down (or blown up) to all-purpose "character issues?"

Not to mention, some Hall of Famers retire with their "character issues'' still intact.

If Aaric Murray ends up at West Virginia . . .

It will be fascinating to see how his career plays out. Clearly, there were issues there that caused things not to work out at La Salle. If the former Explorers star signs on for West Virginia instead of Oklahoma State - The Inquirer's Keith Pompey reported earlier this week that it's down to those two for Murray - will Murray end up helping WVU enough that it allows current Mountaineers assistant and former Explorers head coach Billy Hahn a measure of revenge for how things went down at La Salle? Or will La Salle folks be happy to see them together in Morgantown? Depends on the stat sheet and the W-L column.

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