Hudson's career night

Posted: June 22, 2011

IF YOU THINK Cole Hamels has it rough when it comes to run support, wait until you hear what Atlanta pitcher Tim Hudson had to do Monday night.

When a lackluster hitting performance from the Braves started to cast a shadow on a career night, Hudson took it upon himself to hit a towering, two-run homer in the seventh inning - just the second home run of his career - to spark a 2-0 win over Toronto.

Hudson pitched eight scoreless innings, allowing just two hits and a walk, and he struck out eight, a season high. The night included the 1,600th strikeout of his 13-year career.

"It's hard to say there's anything better," Hudson said. "Obviously, you [nearly] throw a shutout and hit a homer, you win the game. It was fun, man, It was a lot of fun."

While Hudson can take full credit for singlehandly winning the game for his ballclub, he still isn't sold on the idea of nixing the designated hitter any time soon. "No, no," Hudson said. "We [pitchers stink], honestly. I was hitting .040 coming into this game . . . It was just nice to go out there and feel good and feel like everything was under control and in sync."

BOOM! goes the catchphrase

Bleacher Report scanned the sports world and came up with the 20 most annoying catchphrases. A few of our favorites:

* "Michael Peca hit that top shelf, where momma hides the cookies!" (Buffalo Sabres announcer)

* "The Grandy man can, oh the Grandy man can." (Yankees announcer John Sterling after a Curtis Granderson home run.)

* "Woo daddy! 88 yards, and there ain't no flag!" (A really excited announcer at a high school football game.)

And a personal favorite:

* "Ya know Al, if you score more points than the other team, chances are you will win the game!" (Former NFL announcer John Madden)

Find the full list here:

- Kerith Gabriel

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