What's a few more months when you're looking at life in jail?

Posted: July 23, 2011

Nasuil Martinez's life got a little bit more difficult yesterday - if that's possible.

Martinez, 21, of North Philadelphia, was already facing nine felony cases, including charges for attempting to murder six cops and the actual murder of a man.

Such heat may have put thoughts of escape into the head of the young father, who is being held without bail and would spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted on all charges.

On April 11, before being allowed on the bus to be taken to court for a hearing, a deputy sheriff discovered a 7 1/2-inch, shiny metal shank hidden inside a brace Martinez had on his arm.

A sharp point on one end, bent like a handle on the other, the weapon got Martinez charged with possession of an instrument of crime and possession of a weapon or implement for escape.

Municipal Judge Charles Hayden found Martinez guilty of both crimes yesterday and sentenced him to three to 23 months in jail.

He was unconvinced by defense attorney Connie Clarke, who argued that there was no evidence that Martinez actually planned to escape or that he was the one who had sharpened the object.

"Given what he's up against, he's never going to see the light of day," said Assistant District Attorney Mark Gilson. "He's never going to get out of jail."

Martinez's troubles began Dec. 12, when he allegedly used a stolen .45 handgun to shoot a cop in the shoulder on Hope Street near Westmoreland.

On Dec. 22, after SWAT officers found him hiding in the basement of a rowhouse on Sanger Street near Summerdale Avenue, a shootout ensued in which Martinez allegedly fired up the stairs at five cops, including two who were hit, one in the head, one in the chest. The one officer was saved by a helmet, the other by a Kevlar vest.

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