Letters: Anti-Defamation League disagrees with Stu Bykofsky on fingerprint-sharing with Immigration

Posted: August 02, 2011

WE PART ways with columnist Stu Bykofsky on Secure Communities, the program that requires local law enforcement to share with Immigration fingerprints of individuals following arrest (July 14, "Council's ICE Resolution Makes My Head Spin.") The program carries the risk of undermining the work of local law enforcement with immigrant communities and their ability to fight crime, including hate crime. Relationships between well-meaning people and law enforcement are the building blocks for communities based on safety and respect.

Barry Morrison

regional director

Anti-Defamation League

Protect city's water

The Daily News is right to point out the failure of the recently released Marcellus Shale Commission report (DN editorial, "A Pain in the Gas," July 28) to adequately address the costs associated with the impact of industrial gas drilling in rural and forested areas of our state, but the report also fails to address the larger concern of preserving safe drinking water for Philadelphia.

A City Council report says the state should put the Delaware River basin off-limits to gas drilling until the promised federal Environmental Protection Agency study on the environmental impact of the fracking is complete. I hope our legislators in Harrisburg will adopt the recommendations of our Council report rather than those contained in the industry-dominated Marcellus Shale Commission report.

Curtis Jones Jr.

Philadelphia City Council

Real contraception

If you guys didn't have the best sports in town I wouldn't have any reason to shell out $1 every time I need something to read. One reason: the editorial "Contraception Works." I beg to differ.

Efficacy of birth control: 85-90 percent, at best. Efficacy of abstinence: 100 percent, all the time.

I may not be a reproductive expert, but I can add.

John Hull

Barrington, N.J.

Too much partisanship

Letter-writer Randolph Husava has no idea what he's talking about. Responding to Pat Dougherty, he erred in asserting that Bush and conservatives pushed the deregulation of banking.

The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 is widely considered to be the single greatest cause (among other bad legislation) for the 2008 financial crisis and recession. CFMA was enacted under President Clinton (not to mention NAFTA, which relocated manufacturing jobs overseas).

Mr. Husava is a glaring of example of blind partisan finger-pointing. But who can blame him when the same finger-pointing is all we see from the so-called "leaders" in Washington who refuse to agree to a compromise that will stop the spending and halt the increasing deficit?

Instead of debating what Mr. Obama is or isn't, perhaps Mr. Husava would be better off spending time understanding the economic realities resulting from poor legislative decisions and then supporting those elected officials who want to fix those mistakes that caused the problems we all now have to live with.

Tim Lederer


Christie hysteria

Gov. Christie suffers an asthma attack, as millions do every day, and news outlets go crazy. My advice to the media: Slow down and catch your breath. Get excited when something major happens to a public official.

Jim Acton


A dangerous decision

I live with my family in a twin attached to the residence of Joseph Zysk. We are appalled that the judge released Mr. Zysk on bail. The judge was unreceptive to our concerns that an admitted child-abuser and heroin user was being released to a house that, on the other side, is often filled with the neighborhood children. My son is 10, and there are at least 15 children who live within half a block of Mr. Zysk.

Thomas Miller


Challenging OPEC

The government is in the housing, car and insurance businesses. How about oil? If imports were put out for bid and the top two firms did all the imports, crude would plunge to $35 a barrel, and OPEC brought to its knees. But most important, Americans would go back to work since our economy is directly attached to prices at the pump.

Joe Carlin


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