Sideshow: Reynolds, Theron find two months is enough

Posted: August 06, 2011

Love is fleeting - or maybe just ill-advised. Ryan Reynolds, 34, and Charlize Theron, 36 on Sunday, broke up in late July after only two months of dating, reports Us Weekly. He wanted a summer fling, she wanted to settle down. Reynolds is hot off a divorce from Scarlett Johansson, who reportedly was the one to end the two-year marriage in December. Is it coincidence that all this, um, coincides with Reynolds' just-released what-if-your-life-were-different flick The Change-Up? We'll keep our bets off until the next blond actress arrives . . . .

Bare facts

Oh, the dangers of wardrobe malfunction! Rap and R&B artist Nicki Minaj had her very own Janet Jackson moment on Good Morning America Friday when the little top she was wearing couldn't keep up with her gyrations and slipped down to expose the startled 28-year-old singer's left breast.  ABC apologized and made sure airings in other time zones were suitable for a general audience.


Chicago musician Rebecca Francescatti is suing Lady Gaga, claiming Her Ladyship's hit song "Judas" ripped off Francescatti's 1999 song "Juda." The suit argues there is a "substantial similarity" between the two ditties. Francescatti rerecorded the single in 2006 under sound engineer Brian Joseph Gaynor, who worked with Gaga for 17 tracks of Born This Way, the complaint states. As if betrayal weren't already part of the song.

As the 'World' turns

Life gets hard when you're Angelina Jolie. The 36-year-old actress is so bored and unhappy in Britain, where beau Brad Pitt is filming World War Z, that she just may return to the States with her multinational clan of children in tow, reports Us Weekly.

What's in a name?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's longtime personal flight attendant is suing news outlets for inaccurately painting her as the Terminator's mistress, E! Online reports. Tammy Tousignant is demanding a minimum of $40 million for alleged damage to her name (Tammy who?). The complaint lists Gawker, the National Enquirer, and the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

Costars with benefits?

Young males everywhere may be crushed to learn that Emma Watson, 21, seems romantically involved with The Perks of Being a Wallflower costar Johnny Simmons, 24. The actress has denied rumors of romance, but the two were spotted sharing a kiss before going into a Santa Monica, Calif. restaurant, People reports.

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