Shale conferees advised to avoid protesters

Posted: September 01, 2011

The organizers of next week's shale-gas conference in Philadelphia are gearing up security precautions for protests at the two-day event.

The Shale Gas Insight conference, sponsored by the Marcellus Shale Coalition to promote natural-gas drilling, on Thursday sent tips to attendees to avoid clashes with protesters who plan to demonstrate outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center next Wednesday. Gov. Corbett is scheduled to speak on Thursday.

"All indications are the protest will be compliant with all local laws and regulations," the industry conference wrote in an e-mail to attendees.

Anti-drilling activists have scheduled a counter-conference and rally called "Shale Gas Outrage."

The industry event's organizers instruct attendees to wear their badges inside the convention hall, but remove them on the street.

They suggest conference goers avoid the areas where protesters are gathering and that "it is best not to engage in dialogue with protestors."

If protesters disrupt conference presentations, the organizers suggest, "do not personally intervene."

"The police will be monitoring all protest activity," it said.

Attendance is limited to registered participants. Fees start at $550.

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