Temple football to have retro look?

Posted: September 07, 2011

SO, HOW DID YOU like those new "alternative" uniforms that Maryland unveiled in Monday night's home win over Miami, the ones that had the Maryland state flag on the helmets?

Well, the company that provides those for the Terps, Under Armour, also happens to have a deal with Temple.

Maybe there's a special look in the works for, say, the Penn State game here in 10 days?

"Will you guys donate the money for those?" joked first-year Owls coach Steve Addazio, whose team is coming off a 42-7 win over Villanova and will play its Mid-American Conference opener Saturday at 0-1 Akron. "We'll have to talk to Kevin Plank [Under Armour's CEO and founder]."

Seriously, though . . .

"I think they did a great job in putting that forward," Addazio, an old-school guy, conceded. "There was a lot of conversation about it. As part of that family, we're pretty fired up about that."

And isn't that something that might catch a recruit's attention?

"Want to know what recruits really care about?" Addazio posed. "Winning."

Fair enough, although it is probably more of a generational thing.

"It was something different," center John Palumbo said.

And as defensive end Adrian Robinson added: "I thought it brought a lot of swagger [to Maryland]."

A duly noted observation as well.

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