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Two trains and a bus were involved in the crash Tuesday in Buenos Aires. The bus driver was among the dead.
Two trains and a bus were involved in the crash Tuesday in Buenos Aires. The bus driver was among the dead. (VICTOR R. CAIVANO / Associated Press)
Posted: September 14, 2011

Bus-train crash kills 11, hurts 212

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - A bus driver gambled and tried to rush across railroad tracks Tuesday despite a barrier, bells, and flashing lights, setting off a chain-reaction crash with two trains that killed 11 people and injured hundreds.

The shocking accident, captured on video, came as little surprise to many in Buenos Aires, where 440 people and 165 vehicles were hit by trains last year, causing 269 deaths.

In the latest accident, the bus got halfway across the first track before an oncoming passenger train crushed it against a concrete station platform. The crash forced the train's first two cars off the rails and into another locomotive that was leaving the station in the other direction.

The bus driver was among those killed, and 212 people were injured, including about 20 in critical condition, said Alberto Crescenti, director-general of Argentina's emergency medical system.

- AP

Richardson fails to free American

HAVANA - Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said Tuesday that he would leave Cuba after exhausting all possible avenues to try to win the release of a jailed U.S. government subcontractor, adding that he was treated so poorly he doubted he could ever come back to the island as a friend.

Richardson, who previously vowed to remain in Cuba until he at least got to see jailed Maryland native Alan Gross, changed his mind after meetings with the Cuban government and other influential groups failed to yield any results. He said he would leave Wednesday.

"I have been here a week and tried through all means - with religious institutions, diplomats from other countries, all kinds of efforts - and I see that this isn't going to change," Richardson, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said. "So why would I stay?" - AP

Death toll at 87 from Kenya blast

NAIROBI, Kenya - The death toll from a gasoline-pipeline explosion in the Kenyan capital has risen to 87, a Red Cross official said Tuesday, as the government declared two days of mourning for the victims of the disaster.

Earlier in the day, residents working with the Red Cross waded through a river filled with sewage and used sticks to poke around for the bodies of family members. Red Cross coordinator Pamela Indiaka said later that the Red Cross had called off the search-and-recovery mission because it did not see any more hope of finding bodies.

Indiaka said that five people died Tuesday in the hospital while being treated for severe burns. The head of the state-owned Kenya Pipeline Co. said that Monday's explosion was caused by an over-pressurized pipeline. - AP


Former Argentine President Carlos Menem and 17 members of his government were acquitted Tuesday of charges that they violated international weapons embargoes on Ecuador and Croatia in the 1990s. Menem, still a sitting senator at 81, had faced up to eight years in prison if convicted, but two of the three judges on his panel found him not guilty.

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