Bet you won't believe this

Posted: September 27, 2011

YOU WOULD think disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy would want to keep his name out of the news.

Think again.

Donaghy has a blog (surprise), and yesterday he decided to stick up for Michael Vick, who complained after Sunday's loss to the Giants that the officials aren't calling late hits against him.

Donaghy spent nearly 15 months in federal prison as part of a betting scandal. Perhaps that's why he thinks he's qualified to write that NFL officials have a grudge against Vick because the Eagles quarterback spent time in the federal pokey for his role in a dogfighting ring.

In Donaghy's world, everything is as black and white as the shirts he used to wear to work.

Take a gander at this excerpt:

"The bottom line is, just as with the league that I once worked for, the NFL referees are allowing their personal opinions of Vick (and other players) affect their judgment (the most important factor in a referees job description) when blowing the whistle, throwing a flag OR their refusal to do either."

 Geez. How could a guy who flushed his career down the toilet for monumental lack of judgment write such drivel?

And then there's this:

" . . . The next time you are laying on your back, after being hit late by some 300lb lineman, think about how that referee looking down at you is thinking about his dogs, his grandmother's parakeets, his sister's cats or his daughter's gerbil at home."

 For God's sake. He ought to be put back in jail for writing such nonsense.

It's no secret that Vick ends up on his backside a lot.

There are some who think he holds on to the ball too long. Others believe that maybe, just maybe, it's the offensive line's fault.

But we haven't heard anyone except Donaghy infer that NFL refs think of animals during the game.

Of course, quite a few of them would no doubt associate Donaghy with one:

A cuckoo.

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