This fan's The Man!

Scott Aschoff tailgates outside Citizens Bank Park, psyching himself up for the Phillies' matchup with the Cardinals in Game 2 of the NLDS.
Scott Aschoff tailgates outside Citizens Bank Park, psyching himself up for the Phillies' matchup with the Cardinals in Game 2 of the NLDS. (      HILLARY PETROZZIELLO/ STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)
Posted: October 03, 2011

BROAD STREET Billy starts today's tribute to my fellow Phillies diehards who froze their butts off at the ballpark last night by saying, "Scott Aschoff of Moorestown, you are the MAN!"

At 7 a.m., Aschoff parked his Eagles-green school bus in a Wells Fargo Center lot, and set out the Bass Beer Chili that had been slow-cooking since Thursday for his Birds crew of nine.

Fourteen hours later, the chili and the Eagles and the Eagles crew were gone, but Aschoff was pulling on his Phillies gear over his Birds stuff, and cheering the Phils with Section 230 pals Mark Gress and Kevin Souder of Philly, and Joe Mitchell of Bayville, N.J.

"This is easier than doing the 100-mile MS bike ride from Philly to Ocean City last week," Aschoff said. "Around Mile 65, you start to realize why you don't like long-distance bike rides."

DOC'S 2 PERFECTOS: Margaret and Norman Casson of New Castle, Del., who were celebrating their son Kyle's and his girlfriend Brittany Warren's September birthdays in Section 138, revealed that Doc Halladay actually pitched two perfect games last year - at least Margaret thought so.

Forever teased by her die-hard husband and son about her Phillies cluelessness, Margaret was channel-surfing when she saw Halladay pitching what the announcer said was a perfect game.

She texted Norman and Kyle with the thrilling news.

"No kidding," they texted back.

"I can't believe you guys aren't watching this," Margaret texted.

"Keep us posted!" they texted.

"We had her going for three innings," Norman said, "before we told her it was a rebroadcast."

Why was the non-die-hard at last night's game? "It's all about being together as a family," Margaret said. Everyone smiled.

MY BALL, WERTH! Pat Boyle of Havertown - sitting in his usual Section 109 season seats with wife, Suzanna; nephews Mike Selig and Al Grasso; and Mike's girlfriend, Kaitlyn Kaplan - fessed up to being the fan who grabbed a foul ball away from Jayson Werth last year, unleashing a foulmouthed "Get the f--- out of my way!" from the former Phillies rightfielder.

"I had no clue Werth was there," Boyle said. "I was focused on the ball heading toward my 10-year-old son, Pat Jr. I wasn't going to play chicken with my son."

A couple of days later, Werth apologized and invited Pat and Pat Jr. to the Phils clubhouse, where the kid met all his heroes. So, Werth's a class act in Boyle's book.

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