Fans still not on bandwagon

Posted: October 17, 2011

Join the conversation after every Eagles game with the Daily News. Send reactions by email to; use the hashtag #eaglesaftermath on Twitter; or visit the Eagletarian Facebook page and leave a comment on our wall. A sampling after yesterday's Eagles' win:

 It took 35 days but we finally got our second win. Kudos to [Nnamdi] Asomugha for his textbook tackle that knocked [Chris] Cooley out of the game. Shady McCoy did something all of Philadelphia wanted to do last week, which was to punch coach Reid in the gut. Take a sigh of relief and enjoy the bye.

- John Braithwaite


This win puts the Eagles in position to start their annual run to the division title, followed by their usual swan dive in the playoffs. What you saw in this game is typical of this team. It's built to win in the regular season, not in the playoffs. Sorry, but beating the Redskins doesn't erase what I've seen the last 4 weeks.

- Rob Pino, South Philly

Big deal, Eagles won! Still too many mistakes. Apparently Andy didn't correct the offensive line, sloppy tackling. Offensive line remains their Achilles' heel. Cutting paper is tougher than getting through their o-line. I guess Juan Castillo didn't get the memo from Andy to tighten up the secondary. Was that a typical Rex Grossman performance with four interceptions?

- Stonehead

Beat the division-leading Redskins . . . I'll take the win and hope for more improvement.

- Grazman

While I'm happy it was a win, the Redskins are dreadful.

- Gray Areas

Eagles beat the worst QB in the NFL . . . [Michael] Vick and the DREAM TEAM are now 2-4 . . . and in LAST PLACE.

- Frank105

Yeah the Eagles won but the "D" couldn't close it out and the "O" became unbalanced . . . Couldn't have beaten a team with a good QB. Both Redskins' QBs played badly.

- BaltBirdFan

It really isn't a bad defensive scheme if the players actually tackle the guy with the ball.

- Logicandreason

I guess this means Andy stays another week.

- Ssteve115

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