Letters: A couple of differing views on value of curfews for Philadelphia teens

Posted: November 07, 2011

THE NEW curfew law will be enormously better for the police.

My brother is a Philadelphia police sergeant, and he says the mayhem with the kids is late at night.

The curfew will have less kids on the street and the cops can contain them better.

With flash mobs, the stores should have a security system so when a large group comes in and begins grabbing things, the owner can push a button that locks the doors, then he can call 9-1-1.

George Walton

Upper Darby, Pa.

The new curfew law is a bogus attempt by City Council to act as though they care about the citizens of this city. The good children who cause no trouble or problems are being punished. The parents are being punished by being fined for their kids being out and causing no harm to anyone.

They may be coming from a movie, getting together for pizza and soda, celebrating someone's birthday or a victory of a sporting event. The guilty thugs who gather to cause harm and injury to people and property should be punished and their parents should be held responsible to some degree. The responsibility should be on criminals and not on the innocent.

City Council members should be ashamed of themselves, but the shameless haven't any shame.

Herbert P. Kurz


Fumo: A man of letters

To Ronnie Polaneczky: You have done Philadelphia, and the broader community, a considerable service with your reporting on the Vince Fumo saga. Fumo's emails suggest that he is not only an "f" word, but a "stupid" "f."

I often disagree with your view on topics. Nonetheless, your views are thoroughly researched and well-articulated. If Fumo used the "c" word to describe you, he probably meant "capable, cogent, columnist" . . . or something like that.

Don Flassing

Sewell, N.J.

Remember & honor

They are of all colors, creeds, religions, the rich, the poor, the short, the tall.

They served to preserve our freedom, our liberty for all our people.

Nov. 11 is their day of remembrance. May we never forget and always honor our veterans!

And may we always keep in our thoughts all those who are serving in our military today.

Tom Woodruff


Dom, Guv and schools

Dom Giordano always comes up with ideas that are hard to believe. He and the governor talk about not funding our state universities and instead giving the money to students to attend the college of their choice.

Don't Penn State and the 14 former state teachers colleges belong to the state of Pennsylvania? Doesn't the state maintain grounds and buildings and pay salaries?

What kind of talk is this coming from a governor? Maybe he doesn't know that the state owns state colleges. Giordano's articles are becoming laughable, and he calls himself an education expert. Another laugh.

Mel FitzSimmons


Light shed on problem

Keep more Philly jobs in Philly. Case in point: When you get a ticket from the red-light camera, you pay the Philadelphia Parking Authority - but the payment is mailed to a company in Cincinnati. Three guesses how they got that contract. The inmates are officially running the asylum.

Joe Carlin


Vouches for vouchers I attended a parochial Catholic school through eighth grade and attended a public high school before attending Penn State University. Upon entering Lower Merion High School, I was amazed at how much better prepared I was for high school than my classmates who had come up through the public-school system. I was grateful for my Catholic education, as it gave me the foundation for succeeding in life.

Today, I teach at a small community college in central Pennsylvania. Although 30 years may have passed, many public-school systems still do not adequately prepare their students in the basics of math and English.

Pennsylvania is in a debate about how to improve its educational system. One of the ideas being discussed is the use of vouchers, so that those who cannot afford to attend a private school may do so instead of being condemned to one of the many failing school systems across the state.

The idea is simple: If a school system will not change itself to make sure that its students obtain a fundamentally sound education, then the students should be free to go elsewhere. Why must they be thrust into an education system that will leave them behind the eight ball?

Schools have been given opportunities to fix the situation but have either refused or are unable to do so. It is time to try a new approach. Vouchers will give those consigned to the education abyss hope that their fate may not be sealed. It has been oft said that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Our education system is insane as we have continued to do business the same way and expect different results.

My education in the Catholic parochial system served me well, all the way through law school and into my professional careers. With a strong foundation, anything can be achieved. This basic concept has escaped many a public school. Without a fundamental education, students are ill-prepared for the challenges of life.

Endorse the governor's voucher plan - our future and the future of our children depend on it.

Louis Lombardi

State College, Pa.

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