More Sandusky victims? Officials confirm only 1

Posted: November 09, 2011

State officials have declined to confirm a Fox29 report that "the number of potential victims has more than doubled" in the child-sex-abuse case involving a former Penn State assistant football coach.

Ex-defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was arrested Saturday, and charged with 40 counts of sexually abusing eight boys, including two who were 7 or 8 years old.

Gov. Corbett said today that investigators have acknowledged only one additional victim. That case, involved a man now in his 20s, was confirmed Tuesday by state police.

Fox's number of 17 is unsubstantiated, said Nils Frederiksen, spokesman for the state attorney general's office.

State police also declined to confirm the report.

Two university officials were charged with covering up the alleged crimes.

At a Monday news conference, Attorney General Linda Kelly and Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan urged anyone with information related to the case to call attorney general's office at 814-863-1053 or state police at 814-470-2238. Additional charges were possible, they said.

Corbett also said he wouldn't be surprised if more victims surface.

"Yes, we have received calls, and we are following up on leads," said state police spokesman Sgt. Anthony Manetti. "We can't really discuss further the nature of those calls.

"We have the obligation to do due diligence before we call someone a victim."

He also declined to estimate the number of calls, saying that with two phone numbers fielding all sorts of responses, a meaningful count was difficult.

If investigators in the attorney general's office have news of more victims, they'll tell the grand jury, not the media, Frederiksen said.

If the grand jury hands down more charges, that's when the public will be informed, he said.

The charges against Sandusky include alleged assaults before and after he retired as defensive coordinator in 1999, as he continued to have use of Penn State facilities.

University athletic director Tim Curley and senior vice president Gary Schultz were charged with failing to report suspected abuse to law enforcement authorities and with perjury before a grand jury.

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