Kendra's questions for prospective moms

Posted: November 14, 2011

Editor's note: The following is an excerpt from "Abstinence is Kool: Challenging Girls Everywhere!!! Can You Say No to Sex for the School Year?" by Kendra G

LOOK, I'm not a fool! I know either you bought this book for yourself or someone else bought it for you! I know there is someone reading this book that has their mind made up and truly feels as though they are ready to have a baby. I can hear you now:

"Kendra, I think what you are doing is GREAT! There are a lot of young people who truly aren't ready for what comes along with sex, BUT I'm happy to say that I am NOT one of those people. My boyfriend and I have been together for a while and we truly are in love. I know his parents and he knows mine. He has NEVER cheated on me and he truly is my Prince Charming. We decided that having a baby together is the only thing that makes sense. Our baby will be a reflection of how we truly feel about each other. So again I think what you are doing is great, but I'm ready to have a baby with my boyfriend who is truly my best friend."

I'm not going to argue with that last paragraph because there could be a lot of truth there. So instead, if that is how you feel, all I ask is that you answer these questions BEFORE you conceive your baby:

* Do you have your own health insurance that you can provide for your child?

* Do you have a license and do you own your own car?

* Do you have your own place? And when I mean your own place, do you pay ALL the bills? Rent, electric, water, etc.?

* Who will watch the baby while you are at work and school?

* Can you afford day care for your child?

* Can you afford the necessities of having a child, like diapers, food, nursery items and more?

* Is the man who will father your child your husband?

(Okay, I know that last question was a stretch! Although that is the way it should be!)

* The boy/man that you are having a baby by, does he have a job?

* Does he have a license and a car or access to a car at all times?

* Does he have any other children?

* If he does have children, what kind of father is he to his child or children?

* If he does have children, why is he no longer with the child's mother? Or is he still with the child's mother?

* Be honest and think about his character, do you think he will be a good father to your child?

* Be honest and ask yourself this question, do you think having a child by this boy will make your relationship better because things aren't working out between you guys at the moment?

* Where would you like to see yourself in five years? How will having a baby change your goals?

* Being that when you have a child by someone you will forever be linked to that person through your child, and if you guys are truly in love, then why not get married BEFORE you have the baby?

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