Lawsuit against Iverson dismissed

Posted: November 16, 2011


It's a name you've probably never heard of, but one Allen Iverson can't seem to escape.

See, everytime the former Sixers point guard finds himself in hot water, it appears Lattimer, an attorney, is in creep mode out for more of A.I.'s scratch. According to a Detroit News report, Lattimer has already netted over $260,000 of Iverson's dinero via judgments and out-of-court settlements from past cases.

But not this time.

Yesterday, Iverson had a $2.5 million lawsuit for a 2009 incident at a Detroit bar dismissed in federal court. But Guy Walker, who claims he was assaulted by a member of Iverson's security detail, plans to appeal, claimed his lawyer . . . Gregory Lattimer.

However, in the deposition provided to Deadspin by Lattimer, Iverson has some choice words for the attorney, whom he feels is more of a leech than a lawyer.

A sampling:

Iverson: "I die before I let you get me this time. I'm as clean as the Board of Health man . . . I know you lurking. I know you lurking, man. I know you lurking. How the hell you live with [it]? You've been involved with three suits against me. You know what to do. You got a plan."

Lattimer: "I just go to work every day."

Iverson: "I know, and I'm the one that pay you, and you know it. But not this time jack . . . I die before I let you get me this time."

The deposition said Lattimer expressed his gratitude to Iverson for cooperating.

A.I.'s response?

"Go to hell."

Keller tops Dragon

In some unsurprising news to area soccer fans, MLS announced former Seattle Sounders goalkeeper Kasey Keller beat out FC Dallas' Kevin Hartman and the Union's Faryd Mondragon for goalkeeper of the year yesterday. However any Union fan knew it was obvious Mondragon - who finished second in the voting - had virtually no chance against Keller. Keller, 41, recently wrapped up a 22-year professional career in which he was and still is widely regarded as the preeminent face of American goalkeeping.

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