Daily News critics have their say about this season's TV shows

Janet Brinkman likes Showtime's "Homeland."
Janet Brinkman likes Showtime's "Homeland."
Posted: November 23, 2011

I ASKED members of this year's Daily News Everybody's a Critic panel to weigh in on their favorite new shows and to share their worries about the ones that might not make it.

Here's what some had to say:

"I am totally riveted by 'American Horror [Story],' " wrote Janet Brinkman of South Philadelphia, who also gave props to Showtime's "Homeland." "Each week is crazier than the next, but I need to know what's next."

" 'Homeland' is the best new show in quality by far. But 'American Horror Story' has the best viewing experience, as it is fun to trash it when it's at its worst and yet easy to obsess over in moments when it is a very guilty pleasure," wrote Robert Dougherty, of Northeast Philadelphia, who's saving his cancellation concerns for "established cult favorites 'Community' and 'Fringe.' "

Other fans of the FX hit: Center City's Craig Liggeons, who likes ABC's "Revenge" even more, for its "quick payoffs, and a potentially damning 'Oh, man, she's caught!' moment every week," and Roxborough's Denise Calabrese, who singled out "Horror Story" for its writing and acting, and for "50-year-old Dylan McDermott [who] looks fabulous."

Other Calabrese favorites: "Revenge," AMC's "The Walking Dead" and NBC's "Grimm."

"Grimm" also picked up a vote from Roxborough's Chris Monigle, who called it "darker and more daring" than ABC's fairy-tale entry, "Once Upon a Time."

Liggeons agreed, and East Falls' Judy Weightman reported that "Grimm" is the one new show she's picked up this fall, "despite some problems with it," including a "charisma-free lead actor" in star David Giuntoli.

Fans of Fox's "Terra Nova" include Center City's Michael Seidman, who wrote that "the story line has been done before . . . but the special effects are among the best I've seen on television," and West Chester's Damon Oliver, who praised the time-travel series with dinosaurs for having "good strong characters."

Some of our critics have had second thoughts (as critics often do as the season goes on).

"Contrary to my initial review, I am thoroughly enjoying '2 Broke Girls,' " wrote Sherrye Richardson, of Francisville East. "The characters are extremely quirky and the contrast of their backgrounds is hilarious."

Initially, Levittown's Bonnie McGoldrick wrote, she'd "thought [CBS'] 'A Gifted Man' was making the main character [played by Patrick Wilson] much too perfect as he ran from one catastrophe to the next with perfect timing and precision." Since then, the writers have added a few flaws, and "as each week goes by I find myself caring more and more about" him (an opinion that so far seems to be shared by not enough viewers to assure it a longtime home on CBS).

McGoldrick's also a fan of another series that's failed to find a large audience, NBC's "Prime Suspect," describing the stories and the character development as "stronger every week."

"My favorite new show is 'Homeland' on Showtime," wrote Bala Cynwyd's Mario Machi. "I didn't join in until three episodes had passed, but the biggest compliment I can give the show now is that it is one of the few shows that I have to watch live." Machi, also an admirer of NBC's "Up All Night," is most worried about another Peacock comedy, "Community," which is missing from the network's midseason schedule.

"It's a hilarious show, and most importantly, what else do they have to put on the air - it's NBC!" he wrote.

"My favorite new show is [CBS'] 'Person of Interest,'" wrote Anthony Tann Jr., of West Philadelphia. "As the show progresses, the story line expands, and the cases are always interesting."

But not everyone's all about prime time. "My favorite new fall show, . . . [is] actually this new cartoon produced by Marvel Studios called 'X-Men Anime,' " (11 p.m. Fridays, G4), said South Philadelphia's Don Manigly, who'll miss ABC's "Charlie's Angels" because he liked "pointing out the show's flaws on a weekly basis."

- Ellen Gray

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