The bare essentials with NBA on shelf

Posted: November 25, 2011


Well, a couple of nightclub owners from around the country think they have figured out a way to get you over the hump - literally.

According to a report from Australia's Courier and Mail, should everything go according to plan, expect the official announcement of topless basketball to arrive early next week.

Orange spheres won't be the only thing bouncing on the court beginning in January, when teams based out of Minneapolis, New York and Miami start a full schedule of games. The girls will come from the 23 establishments of popular gentleman's club chain Rick's Cabaret.

It's also said that the coach of the New York franchise is a former NBA star - one who has a few of the girls tickled pink.

"People will be amazed when we tell them who our coach is, because he was one of the great players in the NBA," according to one player, known only as "Gianna," from New York's franchise. "The girls are really excited. We're practically busting out of our tops. We plan to give him a really warm welcome on Tuesday."

Let's face it, with the NBA in turmoil, many of its players involved in ventures overseas and the WNBA catering to a niche market (to say the least), there has to be some way to fill the void, right?

And hey, these girls are excited to step in. When dancer/player "Sky" was asked about the notion of conveying her talents to potential fans and in front of her new coach, she replied:

"Are you kidding? I can't wait to show off some of my moves."

Holy Amobi

Along with turkey, stuffing and other fixins', Union midfielder Amobi Okugo also had a run-in with some misplaced black magic during his Thanksgiving feast yesterday. Check out this hilarious tweet:

"Black cat came into the backyard and my extra religious aunt went straight to get her bible and is now reciting prayers and dashing water around the house. #love my african family . . . #always comedy."

We think so, too. Thanks for the laugh, Amobi.

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