NBA players begin process of recertifying

Posted: November 29, 2011

The "trade association" formerly known as the National Basketball Player's Association began the process of recertifying on Monday night.

The "trade association" planned to send out a letter to its 450 players on Monday night asking for signatures to recertify the union, according to an NBA source.

This is the first step in the process of turning Saturday morning's tentative settlement agreement into the league's next collective-bargaining agreement.

The union must recertify before it can vote on ratifying the next CBA. A majority vote is needed from both the player's union and the NBA Board of Governors - a collection of the league's 30 owners - for ratification.

The agreement currently on the table is a 10-year CBA with respective out clauses for each side after six years.

The agreement is expected to pass.

Camp change. The Sixers had planned on holding their preseason camp, which begins on Dec. 9, at the team's practice facility at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, but on Monday St. Joseph's University reached out and extended an offer to use its basketball facilities.

The Sixers have held their camp at St. Joe's the previous two years. Because of the odd timing of the camp, the Sixers did not believe St. Joe's would be able to accommodate their training camp schedule.

Back to work. The Sixers coaching staff, including head coach Doug Collins and assistants Michael Curry, Brian James, Aaron McKie, and Jeff Capel, returned to work on Monday. The staff held meetings all day in preparation for the opening of camp and the opening of free agency, both of which are scheduled to begin on Dec. 9.

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