Marquis of Debris: Pennsport needs pols to pool resourcess

Posted: December 02, 2011

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South Philadelphia neighbors say a project to improve rainwater drainage from I-95 is creating a messy situation in Pennsport.

The area beneath the freeway overpass includes a parking lot and space for neighbors to skateboard, ride bikes or rollerblade.

Jim Moylan, president of the Pennsport Civic Association, said PennDot crews last month began replacing drainage pipes that siphon water from the freeway.

The ends of some pipes were left open, and the area gets flooded when it rains, he said.

"It's dumping a lot more than runoff [water]," Moylan said. "Just trash and debris and other things that are falling off cars."

Moylan said neighbors weren't even notified about the project. With winter approaching, the puddle of standing water will likely turn to a sheet of dirty ice, he said.

"Right now, there's a huge puddle right near Rizzo Rink," Moylan said, referring to the ice rink on Front Street near Washington Avenue, beneath the freeway.

"We already have flooding issues all throughout Pennsport on a regular basis," he said.

The civic association contacted the Interstate Land Management Corp., an agency that is supposed to keep tabs on development on land near the freeway, and it wasn't aware of the project either, he said.

The Marquis called PennDOT to see what could be done to remedy the situation, but no one was available to comment.

Moylan sent a letter complaining about the situation to PennDOT, City Council, state representatives and other neighborhood groups.

"I want to find out what sort of plan they have here," he said.

Someone from the office of state Sen. Larry Farnese, who represents Moylan's neighborhood, contacted him recently saying he'd like to set up a meeting to discuss the trashy pool and what should be done about it.

It's not clear when the meeting will happen, what agencies have been invited or how long the puddle of trash and freeway debris will be allowed to grow.

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