Inert grenade found at King of Prussia, mall evacuated

Posted: January 04, 2012

A section of the King of Prussia Mall was evacuated this afternoon as police investigated an apparent hand grenade found in a flower pot.

A hollowed-out grenade similar to those used in military training was recovered from the first level of the Court at King of Prussia, said Upper Merion Chief Ron Fonock.

A mall security officer found the device, Fonock said, which spurred an evacuation of shoppers and store personnel from about a quarter of the Court of King of Prussia which faces Route 202.

The device contained no explosive material and was not live, or dangerous, Fonock said. It was the container, only.

Officers and investigators from the county bomb squad were checking for other explosives. None had been found.

"As soon as they are sure there are none, they will focus on finding who put it there and why," Fonock said. The effort will involve looking at video surveillance tapes.

A quarter of the court, which includes Bloomingdale's and the Cheesecake Factory, was evacuated. Traffic along Route 202 was unaffected.

Fonock cautioned potential shoppers about coming to the area under scrutiny by police and bomb squad personnel until officials called the all-clear.

"I wouldn't want to say don't come," Fonock said, but he urge them to stay away from the court. The Plaza stores immediately adjacent to the court were functioning as usual.

There were no injuries, Fonock said.

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