Letters: Good Mummers parade, bad TV coverage

Posted: January 10, 2012

I WOULD LIKE to take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to cover the Philadelphia Mummers Parade. I, for one, however, am completely dismayed by the terrible TV camera footage (people walking in front of cameras, pictures of spectators' heads) while trying to view the presentations. I have been a fan of the Mummers since I could walk, because my father was in the parade. We would sit at home and sing and dance while he practiced his banjo tunes for the upcoming New Year's parade. So, I know a little about the way things go.

I was particularly upset about the on-site reporting, with one reporter who seemed to know little to nothing about the subject matter, refusing to attempt to pronounce captains' names, or even understanding the theme to a recently viewed performance. Could any one reading this get away with that at their job? I think not.

Let's get some commentating in there with those who know the Mummers [and] who can be objective and professional, without giving away their loyalty. It's time for a change.

Margie McCloskey


Postings get a pasting

While I understand the Daily News' desire to update in an effort to appear edgy and hip, I can't understand why the paper thinks that goal is accomplished with the moronic Postings column, which is nothing more than a reprint of other people's tweets.

Why does the idiotic ramblings of C-list celebrities and area nobodies merit an entire column in your newspaper? I have to Google half of these people to figure out who they are, and most of the time I learn that they are just professional tweeters. It's not like I'm some old curmudgeon: I'm in my early 30s and work in Center City.

Just a quick glance through the last few Postings column, I learn that Tyra Banks loves something at Taco Bell, I think. She left out too many letters to determine exactly what she is talking about. Someone named Brett Mandel told me it's cold, while someone named Lena Dunham thinks the Golden Globes will be "sexy." I also read comments from Daniel Tosh and Meghan McCain, two people who've hit minute 14 of their 15 minutes. How does any of this nonsense help your mission of educating and informing readers? All I've learned is that people I don't know have opinions on things I don't care about.

What compounds this tragedy is that Harry Gross' column, which was actually educational and informative, was removed to support this idiocy. If your readers wanted to read this nonsense each morning, they would have a Twitter account and follow these people.

Jeff Mordock


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