Letters: Latino parents should stop the blame games

Posted: January 18, 2012

UNFORTUNATELY, for the three boys shot and killed, many factors came into play in this tragedy. The blame game is easy after the fact; however, at the end of the day, this tragedy has affected so many. Children lost their lives; parents lost their children; friends lost friends. The ones who survived, as well as the brothers who lived at the home, will forever be scarred and the shooter will spend the rest of his life in jail.

I believe that we as parents, as a community, need to step up our parenting game and change the cycle of poverty, hate, abuse, drug addiction, bad parenting and, most importantly, not placing enough importance on having an education.

All these factors contribute to the society that we have created for our children.

Parents get high; they themselves do not have an education; children are in and out of the system and the community turns a blind eye and says, "That's not my problem." Guess what - it is! It is if you plan to send your child to school with "Tone," whose mom is a drug addict, doesn't have a father, and has been in and out of the Department of Human Services.

Do you think your child is going to learn in an environment when 80-90 percent of the neighborhood kids have these issues?

The Latino community has so many children without a father present - more than half are in jail or dead.

Latina women are trying to pick up the pieces, or they themselves are on drugs!

Wake up, mi gente! We are the solution to our problems; we cannot continue to blame others for our unwillingness to change.

We have choices in life! It does not matter the card you're dealt. We all have choices to either do good or bad, and the choices everyone made that night gave them the results they encountered.

May they rest in peace!

Kimberly Torres


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