Leadership Award Winners

Posted: January 23, 2012

Greg Corbin

Teacher, founded Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement and created the Legacy Project, which explores the multilayered black male experience through a one-man theatrical performance and community workshops. ($25,000)

Tyree Dumas

Founded DollarBoyz, a youth-entertainment company, and heads Youth Now on Top (Y-NOT), a program in which youths create and run their own businesses. ($35,000)

Russell Hicks

Created FLASH MOB, a social media and entrepreneurship training program for black males, 16 to 25 years old. ($20,500)

Brandon T. Jones

Heads I Think Tank where young people assess community problems, design projects, and team up with senior citizens to see them through. ($35,000)

Reuben Jones

Founded Frontline Dads, a mentoring, cultural-awareness, and development program for youths with incarcerated parents or siblings, and youths in foster care. ($20,000)

Solomon Jones

Author and former Daily news columnist, created the Words on the Street literacy program to increase the literacy skills of 650 students through role modeling and workshops. ($20,000)

Ari Merretazon

Works through Pointman Soldiers Heart Ministry to reconnect veterans to their families, counseling and job services, and benefits. ($25,000)

Alex Peay

Founded Rising Suns, an after-school program where recent college graduates and college students mentor high school boys and train high school boys to mentor elementary school students. ($4,650)

Shawn White

Founded the Phreman Audio Studio Academy, which will teach audio recording and mixing to young people while promoting HIV/AIDS prevention and antiviolence strategies. ($19,300)

Eric D. Williams

Created Project Elijah Empowering Autism (PEEA), an after-school program for middle-spectrum autistic students,

8 to 14 years old; his son was the inspiration. ($38,700)

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