For Swedish Bikini Team model Peggy Trentini, it 'didn't get any better than this'

Posted: January 26, 2012

ULLA SWENSEN never made it to the Super Bowl, and neither did her teammates Karin Kristensen, Hilgar Oblief, Eva Jacobsen and Uma Thorensen.

But 20 years later, Swensen - in real life, Peggy Trentini - looks back on her shortened season as a member of the Swedish Bikini Team as one of highlights of her life. "We had our 15 minutes of fame," she said in a telephone conversation from her home in Orange County, Calif.

Trentini played the captain of the jiggling, bikini-clad team, a spot she won after a huge Hollywood cattle call in 1991 for Old Milwaukee's controversial commercials. At the time, she was a twenty-something lingerie model and B-movie actress. Her biggest role might've been as one of those sexy Carson Art Players on "The Tonight Show."

The ads' notoriety put her on a larger stage.

She helped get the team onto TV's "Married With Children" and, in January 1992, the cover of Playboy magazine.

"But then we got a call from Peter Stroh's," she said referring to the brewery boss whose company was coincidentally embroiled in a workplace sexual-harassment case. "He said, 'I'm sorry, girls, but we've got to pull the ads.'

"The women's libbers just hated it."

Trentini's acting career continued for 10 more years. She appeared in straight-to-video movies and soft-core cable-TV porn. She played Vampire Girl No. 1 in "Vampirella" and - in a bit of typecasting - the Swedish ambassador in 1999's "Desirable Liaisons."

Today, Trentini, 43, is a real-estate broker and author of Once Upon a Star, a self-published tell-all that details her flings with the likes of Kevin Costner, Sylvester Stallone and Mick Jagger.

"It was just a fun, great time," she said of her brief stint on the Swedish Bikini Team. "Like they say, it didn't get any better than this."

- Joe Sixpack

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