St. Hubert supporters raise $722,000 to keep school open

Posted: January 26, 2012

Supporters of St. Hubert High School for Girls have raised $722,000 in an effort to keep the 70-year-old Northeast Philadelphia institution open.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has announced plans to close St. Hubert's and three other high schools because of declining enrollment.

School supporters presented their case for keeping St. Hubert's open ti diocesan officials on Wednesday.

In a statement that coincided with a rally at the school by students and supporters this morning, the alumni association and advisory board announced they have raised $722,000 since a fund raising campaign was announced Jan. 13.

The statement said 161 eighth graders also have committed to attending St. Hubert's if the school remains open, double the number this time last year.

"From six-figure checks to children's piggy banks, we have raised almost three quarters of a million dollars in just two weeks," said Kathryn Ott Lovell, a member of the school's advisory board. "This tremendous fund-raising wipes out any school deficit and provides the foundation for a healthy endowment for tuition assistance."

The supporters said the $722,000 included more than 6,000 gifts and money raised through fund-raising events, coin drops, merchandise sales, bake sales, and raffles.

About 675 students attend St. Hubert's.

The archdiocese is expected to announce its decision on closure on Feb. 15.

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