Tattle: A second inquest for Winehouse?

Charly, artist, writer and club star, fronts 21st Century Girl.
Charly, artist, writer and club star, fronts 21st Century Girl.
Posted: February 02, 2012

SHE SHOULDN'T have seen dead people.

Suzanne Greenaway, the coroner who oversaw the inquest into the July death of singer Amy Winehouse, has quit after her qualifications were questioned, her boss said yesterday - raising the possibility that the investigation may have to be held again.

Greenaway ruled in October that the soul singer had died of accidental alcohol poisoning.

Greenaway had been appointed an assistant deputy coroner in London in 2009 by Andrew Reid, the coroner for inner north London.

Reid is also her husband.

But nepotism aside, it's not like she got a degree playing Operation. Her problem was that although she had been a lawyer in her native Australia for 10 years, she hadn't been a registered U.K. lawyer for the required five years.

Amy's father, Mitch, didn't seem to think it mattered much.

Greenaway resigned way back in November, but the move was not made public until yesterday.

Theater takes a right

The theater isn't run by all left-wingers.

About 300 people gathered outside the New Theater in Budapest, Hungary, yesterday to protest its new director, Gyorgy Dorner, an actor with links to far-right parties.

Dorner's supporters wore face masks and shouted racist slogans at the protesters.

He initially named far-right playwright and politician Istvan Csurka, also known for his anti-Semitic articles, as his artistic director, but Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos blocked the hire.

Dorner has described himself as a "national radical." In Hungary's dubbed Hollywood films, he is also the voice of Eddie Murphy and Bruce Willis.


21st Century Girl's song

"Crash Your Party" was featured on last week's episode of "30 Rock" in a parody trailer of "Martin Luther King Day - The Movie!" The fake trailer features Emma Stone, Kristen Bell, Hugh Grant, John Krasinski, Nick Cannon, and more.

21st Century Girl is fronted by local singer/Penn alum Charly, and the trailer/song can be seen/heard on NBC.com, Hulu and the Huffington Post.

* The highly unnecessary

remake of "21 Jump Street" will premiere at Austin's South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival in March.

The action-comedy stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in a big-screen version of the 1980s Johnny Depp TV series.

SXSW's closing film will be the more appropriate "Big Easy Express," a documentary about a group of touring folk bands including Mumford & Sons.

Bruce Springsteen and the E

Street Band will perform at Harlem's historic Apollo Theater on March 9, three days after the release of Springsteen's "Wrecking Ball" album.

The show will air live on E Street Radio. Subscribers can win tickets to the event, which is part of SiriusXM's 10th-anniversary celebration.

* GOP nixes Fox? Filmmaker

Joshua Fox of Milanville, Wayne County, Pa., was arrested at a congressional hearing on fracking yesterday after trying to film the proceedings without the required media credentials.

Fox directed the anti-drilling documentary "Gasland," which was nominated last year for an Oscar. House Democrats forced two votes, one to allow Fox to film the hearing and a second to recess for a week so he could get credentials.

Both motions were defeated on a party-line vote.

* Showtime has announced that

"Californication" has been renewed for a sixth season.

Because you can never run out of synonyms for penis.

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