Letters: Catholic battles,on multiple fronts

Posted: February 13, 2012

ONCE AGAIN, the Daily News misses the point regarding the Catholic bishops' opposition to the Obama administration's mandate that Catholic organizations pay for contraceptives, sterilization and, yes, devices and drugs that induce abortions.

This is first and foremost not about contraception. It is about the freedom to practice our religion without government coercion. Second, this is not just a Catholic concern. Leaders of other faith traditions are outraged by this as well.

What the federal government ultimately seeks to do with this mandate is to impose its radical agenda to eliminate Catholic health care and social services. Those who seek to marginalize the voices of the Catholic bishops and the faithful are working only to suppress their own First Amendment right to free speech.

Tell the White House that the Catholic Church will not back down. We will not be silenced.

Steven Bozza

Director, Respect Life Office

Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Was it Marcus Plieninger's intent to imply that Ronnie Polaneczky's failure to support a cover-up - or to keep quiet about these alleged and confirmed abusive crimes within the Catholic hierarchy - is anti-Catholic?

These perpetrators are deserving of nothing more, in my opinion, than passage into the deepest, darkest depths of hell, through unprotected release, into a maximum-security prison population.

So, Mr. Plieninger, are you getting it now that the symbolic removal of pictures from a piano, the purging of good memories and the calling into question of Cardinal Bevilacqua's integrity are only the start of a healing process to remove the pain and shame?

There is a mind-set in this country that power, which can be intoxicating, carries with it exemption from punishment, with tolerance and acceptance due to some professional contribution, reputation or lineage.

Enough is enough.

David James Pride


What "war on contraception"? What a joke. The Catholic Church isn't "imposing" a single thing; its employees are free to use artificial contraception on their own time, and on their own dime, and many do. This mandate, however, would force Catholic employers to provide it for them, which would violate their rights.

Once again, we see this entitlement mentality that suggests that people are somehow losing their rights if someone else refuses to fund what it is they want to do or use. If getting employer-funded contraception is that important to you, find a job that will provide it. Plenty of us will be happy to fill the positions you vacate.

Brian Gillin


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